Week 107: Last Letter

Dear family and friends,

Well I guess this is my last letter that I’ll write you as a full-time missionary in Germany.

I honestly have no idea what to say and trying to sum everything from the last two years up would be a disaster of an email so… I guess I’ll just start and see where the email goes.

This week was very strange. The whole mission I’ve thought that the last week would be some sort of extraordinary week. Like a compilation of all things awesome that I’ve experienced on a mission but really it was a completely normal week. But the thing is, the mission is made up of lots of normal weeks in the service of our God. And that, to me, is what makes each week so special. Serving God with everything that I am is normal to me and I think that’s amazing. Two years ago I couldn’t have imagined how much joy I could find by giving everything I am to the Lord and to the people in this country. But I’m here to testify of the joy that comes from giving our hearts and will to God and serving His children.

Sunday was weird. Throughout the entire day I had to think about all the things I will miss about being at church in Germany. The songs, the less than five people in priesthood, helping the deacons pass the sacrament, and all the wonderful testimonies given from these faithful saints. During my final testimony I kept my cool and was able to get through without tears and even though I’ve only been in this area for six weeks I felt such a strong love for the members here. During the last hymn I lost it and had to cry a bit. Thinking about leaving the people here was just a little too much especially while singing “Love at Home.” Something that I have been privileged to do many times on the mission is give a blessing. Giving blessings has become very special to me and the memories are for me sacred. A member came up to me after church and asked if we could go to the hospital and give her grandmother a blessing. We arrived and put on some sanitary protective clothing and entered the room where Oma T and her husband were. We got to know them through the translation of the member of our ward and then I was able to give the blessing. I prayed to know what to say and that the Lord would speak through me and I don’t know what I said but the Spirit of the Lord filled the room to what seemed like overflowing. I felt Gods love for me and for all those around me. After, her husband asked if I would give him a blessing of comfort and the same thing happened again. The words I spoke in the hospital room were not my own but rather those of a loving Heavenly Father who had something to say to His precious children. Opa T thanked us again and again and invoked the blessings of Christ on our service here and after three kisses on the cheek we went our way. Walking home from the hospital I reflected on the service I have given here and I felt such peace and at the same time dreading. I don’t want to leave this place and the service here. I am so excited to see all of you but it is going to be some kind of hard to leave this country. I’ve experienced and seen so much over the last two years that I feel as though I am a different person. I guess that’s the miracle of the atonement!

I love serving God and His children. Missionary work is everything to me and I’m so excited to continue when I am home. Really missionary work is the same everywhere. If we are given the joy of the gospel in our lives we are called to share it with others. That’s just kind of the way it is. I love that the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has this special doctrine of serving the Lords mission. I love being on a mission and I find it completely baffling to think that He has trusted me for two years full-time to serve His mission. My tanks are still full of gas and my speed isn’t slowing! I’ll always give my all in the cause of Christ. That is my joy and that is my privilege.

The church is true,
It’s been a good two,
I’ll see you in the red, white, and blue!

Give ‘me heaven and press on,
Elder Gallacher


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