Week 106: He Has Sent A Rescuer, A Savior.


Well we had yet another busy totally awesome week! We had some awesome conversations on the street and found a few new people who want to hear the good news so hurrah for Israel! We heard one kid speaking English on the subway so we asked where he was from
and he said Florida. We got talking and he asked what we’re doing here so we told him what we do and he wants to learn some more about the bible. He’s got some pretty fantastic conspiracy theories about aliens and super humans in the bible so we’ll see if we can’t help him clear some of that up.

We started an English class and one member brought her mom who is not a member of the church and the daughter (a member) asked if I  would ask her mom to meet with us so we just boldly said, “Hey, can we meet with you and talk more about God?” And she said yes!! So I think it’ll be really great to meet with her and bring her and her family closer together through Christ and his atonement! I was able to go on exchange in Potsdam with Elder Cakir and it was so awesome to be back with him! We went by some people and did a little work in that beautiful city Potsdam and then we got to meet with T, H, and his wife S and it was so good to teach them again! They are such an amazing family I’m so blessed to know them. I really will never forget them. We taught about the gospel of Jesus Christ and because they are all learning German now they want me to say simple sentences to them in German so they can practice. I asked them what faith in Jesus Christ means to them and the first thing out of S’s mouth was, “Ich glaube Jesus Christus und ich liebe ihn!” I couldn’t help but smile with joy at the faith that she has developed! I can’t wait to hear of her baptism in the coming weeks! We had a service project with an awesome member family named the D’s where we poured a concrete foundation and I got to fulfill my life-long dream of using a jackhammer. Now let me tell you, I know the thought of using a jackhammer may sound dreamy like walking on a red carpet or going to Disneyland but the reality of the matter is that it totally stinks. It’s like holding an electric super vibrating 50 pound big thing that you have to somehow how keep under control and use it to break an old foundation with precision like unto a surgeon. On top of all this your hands start to cramp after about 2 minutes and then you realize that you’ve got about an hour more work and the whole thing loses its magic real quick. But truth be told, I’d do it again for sure.

General conference was seriously awesome! There is something special about watching it here in Germany especially when President Uchtdorf tells stories about Dresden and calls the German language the celestial language! When he first said the common German proverb “Es gibt nichts gutes, außer man tut es” the attitude in the room was noticeably excited and then as he claimed the German language as celestial it was like setting flame to gasoline. The members. Lost. Their. Minds. The feeling of German pride seemed to be palpable in the air. Haha I will admit that my pride was boosted as well. The messages taught at General conference were wonderful and I am so happy that I was able to experience five conferences since being on the mission. The Lord truly knows what we need and He tells us what we need to hear. I learned many things throughout the conference and to be completely honest my notes are at home and I don’t have the time to write about all the great things but something that really stuck out to me is that God is truly and literally our Heavenly Father. It’s a phrase that almost seems to become common seeing as I say it countless times from day to day but the meaning behind it is far from common. This relationship is of Devine heritage and we are a line in this heritage. God does not want any of us to be lost from His family and He has sent a rescuer, a Savior. I know that Christ is that Savior and I know that he is ever ready to rescue those who are ready. He as rescued me countless times and I’m counting on Him to do the same for the rest of my life. I know I can count on Him and that we all can count on Him because He will never fail us. His love is eternal and he doesn’t sleep on the job!

I hope you have an awesome week and I’ll talk to you next week!

Press on,
Elder Gallacher



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