Week 105: Feel God’s Love

Happy Easter!

I hope y’all had an awesome Easter and felt the joy of the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Another week is come and gone here in Berlin and it was a good one for sure! So as you know I was sent here to try and prepare the Turkish program before I leave and this week we went on a little tour of the area with president so he could get a feel for the safety of the area. We got all casual and loosened our ties, took off our name tags and went for a two hour stroll through the ghettos parts of the city! We got some traditional middle eastern food called, “Schawarma” and had a blast! It was actually really good to have a solid two hours with president just to talk and get to know him on a normal level. We will be doing another tour with someone from church security soon so that should be fun! The whole time he was pleasantly surprised with the safety right up until we got to a very notorious drug dealing train station and as soon as we stepped off the train we were approached by dealers and then for the next 5 minutes circled by dealers like wild dingos haha. Pres. was not too happy about that area… He wants us to create a map of all the places missionaries should and shouldn’t go so that should be fun!
We had a really cool talk with a woman on the street on Easter and she wants to meet again this week to talk more about Jesus Christ! Hallelujah to that! I was on exchange this week in Tiergarten and we had two really cool appointments and in these appointments I really felt how important love is. Even though I had never met either of them my love for them was so strong and I wanted more than anything for them to know how much their Heavenly Father loves them. With the first man we just talked, cried, and bore testimony together and that was what he needed. With the second man we discussed, in depth, things of the Lord and that is what he needed. Both of these appointments, I believe, helped them feel the love of their Savior a little stronger. I don’t know what people need but God does and I know as long as I’m in His service and ready to love I can be used as a tool to meet the needs of people by helping them realize His love for them.
I love you all so much! Hope you have an awesome week and that you feel Gods love every day 🙂

Talk to you next week.
Press on,
Elder Gallacher




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