Week 104: Know That I Love You

Hi everybody 🙂

Well this week was seriously jam packed with good stuff happening and a lot of fun!

We had a good lesson with a really kind German family on Monday. Their daughter is in America and referred them. We taught about the restoration and they were very open to learn. They will be in southern Germany for the next two weeks but we hope to meet again when they get back!

On Wednesday we got together as a district at Alexanderplatz and had a street display and it was so much fun! We did it on family history and luckily two of the sisters in the district are amazing artists so they drew an awesome darthvader head on the ground and at the bottom wrote, “Who is your father?” It got a lot of attention and I think all in all about ten investigators were found and tons of contacts were made! It was also super cool because we had so many languages being thrown around, we had a native Portuguese speaking elder who also spoke Italian, multiple missionaries who speak Spanish natively, German and English, of course. I even got to whip out Turkish! By the grace of God people could understand me and we found found two really cool guys that live in Hannover who Elder Cakir will skype with! It was such a blast!

On Saturday we were walking on the street doing some finding and we saw some kids playing basketball so we asked if they wanted to play a little 3 on 3 so we did and we had a blast. The hoops were a little shorter and the court was small so it made it pretty easy to play and I think the Germans were pretty impressed with Elder Burns and I’s severely underdeveloped b-ball skills. Haha

Saturday and Sunday we had stake conference and it was so good. First off I got to see all the members from Potsdam and it was so nice to just get hugged and treated so well. I really love the members there. I sat next to a good friend of mine named A from Potsdam for the meeting and at the end as we sang the final hymn I lost it and started balling. The faith and strength of the German people is so amazing and as I sat almost in the front row I could feel a wave of faith with every word that was sung. It was hard realizing that my time here won’t last forever but in that moment I felt so grateful to be a missionary of the Lord serving His children in this sometimes very frustrating country 🙂


Hope you all had an awesome week with lots of love and happiness! Know that I love you.

Press on,
Elder Gallacher




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