Week 102: Celebrating “The Dead Day”


Well I’m here Neukölln and it’s been a pretty good week! I got here on Tuesday and got settled in and then we got to work! We did lots of finding and it’s been interesting for sure! Our area is pretty ghetto but strangely also super hipster! I’ve never seen so many second hand shops it is insane. We have found that only about 5% to 10% of the people are German and some places were going it’s just about zero.

I got to do my first street contacts in Turkish and it was pretty interesting haha I don’t think I’ve ever spoken so slow in any language in my life haha it was good though and I’m learning lots.

We had an awesome app with a member family that is originally from Serbia and we celebrated “The Dead Day” with them which is when they prepare a great big meal, burn frankensence and spread the smoke over the food and invite their dead ancestors to feast with them. Needless to say, I asked them to invite Opa Ray and Oma Olea! After all grabbing hold of the table the mom said, “They are here but they are wondering why there is so much food” …. Little weird I’ll admit but the food was super good!

The ward here is really good and there are tons of youth and young adults but I was definitely missing Potsdam on Sunday! It’s such a special spirit there!

Well I don’t have much more time and I gotta go get some stuff done so I’ll talk to you next week!

Love you.

Press on,
Elder Gallacher

Pictures are:
1 My trainees
2  The cat pillow I gifted for Christmas
3  Selfie after an appointment

4 Sister Rogers drew this picture of me and my comp elder burns!

5 J & H




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