Week 101: Transfers to Neukölln


Well first and foremost we got the news on Saturday that I am to Neukölln being transferred. We knew we would be getting separated and we would make the jokes about me going to Neukölln because it just doesn’t make sense but then it happened. Haha Neukölln is actually a part of Berlin and only about a half hour from Potsdam so I’ll still be able to go to H’s baptism and even teach some more!
I was told that the Turkish program needed to be moved to Neukölln so I need to go and “build a foundation” but who knows what that means so I asked and the AP’s said they didn’t know yet but we’d talk sometime about it haha I guess I’ll see what happens with the Turkish program.

The way I see the whole situation though is that I’ve been called to preach the gospel and help other people to come closer to Christ and it doesn’t matter where I am. Missionary work is the same work here in Potsdam as it is in Neukölln and I’m going to give it my all just like I’ve always done, even if I don’t know the reasons I got sent somewhere. It was hard to say goodbye to all the people here in Potsdam for sure. The branch here is so wonderful and it was hard to say bye on Sunday. They all gave me good words of wisdom and a good farewell. I’ve met so many important people here and I really am grateful for my time here but I’m also excited for my time in Neukölln and I know it’s going to be great because every day in the service of God is a joy to me and I savor every moment. Because of transfers and the business of it all I am all out of time. I love you all and hope you are doing well! Enjoy your week and I’ll talk to you next week.

Press on,
Elder Gallacher


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