Week 98: Being A Light For Others

Good afternoon my friends and family!

Reporting in with another busy week and I sure hope you guys had a good week as well!

We met with T quite a bit this week to prepare him for the receiving of the Holy Ghost and he really is doing great! I wasn’t there for the conformation because it was in Tiergarten but I met with him Sunday night and when I saw him I put my arm around him and said, “So, kutsal ruh?” (Holy Ghost) because I couldn’t say anything else but he just beamed and went on about how awesome it was and how good he felt! It was really cool!
T invited us to his house for his year anniversary and it was so humble but so good! We ate apples and oranges and we each got a special Iranian treat that they had searched high and low for! It was amazing to be there because really only T and Elder Cakir could
talk to each other. The other ten people there only spoke Farsi and I speak English but through lots of smiles and the one Farsi phrase I know, “It’s tasty”, we had an awesome time and the love and friendship in the room was tangible.

A while back we watched a talk with T from President Monson about being a light and now T just wants to base his whole life on being a light for others! It’s amazing because he always talks about wanting to help us teach and how he just wants to help people find what he has found. T understands the divine principle that when God gives us something it’s not always just for us but He gives it to us so that we know how to give it further and then we become the tools in God’s hands to bring forth many blessings!

I’m grateful for my chance to be a tool in the Lord’s hands, full time. Nothing makes me happier than serving my fellow man! It’s a joy I can’t put into words!

I love you and hope all is well 🙂

Press on,
Elder Gallacher


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