Week 95: Don’t Be Scared of Lions

Hey everyone!

Well I sure hope you all had an awesome week. As for us here in Potsdam it was nuts just like always! We met with T. twice this week and they were both really good appointments.
One was even a joint teaching with President Fingerle so that was pretty cool! President wants to take T. and his wife to the temple for a tour so we will all be going down to the temple this week! T. also came to a baptism with us and loved it! Sadly he can’t get baptized yet because he needs a better visa but we are praying that he will get one soon! We had a meeting at the mission home with all the trainers and trainees it was really good. We learned lots of basics but it’s always good to freshen up on those things! We met again with M. and he’s still doing well but he really just doesn’t want to come to church so we are going to have to move his baptismal date and we will set a new one hopefully on the 6th of February.

At church we had B, O. and his mom, and H. at church so that was seriously awesome! The members are all so excited that so many people are coming. It’s great that the Potsdam branch is growing! Potsdam should be a ward by the end of this year! Well I mean that’s
the goal but we’ve got a lot of work to get there! Sorry if this email is scatterbrained but I left my planner at home and can’t really remember what we did last week so your just getting the small bits that memory can hold on to.

Something funny did happen on Sunday though! So J. and H. love to discuss and some might say argue and because they are African it always gets weird and off track and after church they had a classic argument and it all started with H. showing me a picture of him
petting a lion while he was a tour guide in Africa. Awesome right? Well then here’s how the conversation goes after this,
J: you are crazy, why would you do that?
H: what do you mean? It’s totally safe!
J: no that is not safe that is a wild animal.
H: yeah it’s wild but it’s just like a dog or a human for that
matter if you tell it what to it will do it.
J: no that’s crazy. You should not do that!
Here where H gets a little heated,
H: are you scared of lions?
J: yes.
H: if you are scared of lions, you are not a Christian!
Haha at this point I’m laughing hysterically at the ridiculousness of the argument and it goes on for another 5 minutes and finally ended with biblical prove that lions are dangerous. So just so you all know lions are bad but if you are scared you may not be Christian.

As for spiritual stuff I really don’t have a whole lot of insights to share… Well at least not insights that can be summed up in a few lines of an email. I love my mission and I love serving. There is nothing greater than this work. God is at the head of this work and I
feel blessed to play a small role here in Germany.

Love you.

Press on

Elder Gallacher



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