Week 92: Christmas!

Howdy hey everyone!

Well this week we had Christmas and it was great! Our time somehow got sucked away and we had very little time to do actual missionary work but we still had some cool stuff happen!

On Tuesday we had our Berlin/ Turkish day! We went right after studies and stopped by the office to get some stuff then went to Neuköln for an appointment with a less active man and can I just say I was completely lost the whole time haha it was good though! We then went to Tiergarten for another appointment and we did a double teach thing with the Spanish sisters because their investigator is Turkish. Anyways the appointment ended up being in German because a friend was there who was German so I got to say a bit more in this one haha right after that we went to another area of Berlin and taught a new guy named T. and he is awesome! He is not originally from Turkey but lived there for a while and knows Turkish super well. Anyway, he met with the missionaries back in Turkey and wants to get baptized and his whole family is interested! The only problem is the that the whole family only speaks Farsi so we’ll have to find a solution. During the lesson I had know idea what the heck was being said and I figured I’d pray real hard for the gift of tongues so I did and nothing happened… Haha it reminded me of when I used to do that at the beginning of my mission. Anyway, then I figured if I’m going to pray real hard for miracle I gotta work real hard for the result so I started focusing a lot and I probably looked like something had bitten me and I was trying not to show the pain but I actually started picking up the topics of what was being said! In no way did I start understanding all the words but I would get a word here and a word there and then I felt like God was enlightening my mind to at least get the basic idea of what was being said! It was a really cool experience for sure!

We had three awesome dinner appointments for the three days of Christmas and I ate myself full each time! It was some seriously good food that’s for sure! The members here are so great and generous. They all gave us little things as presents and took such good care of us! All we really had to give back was a handwritten letter and a box of chocolate sugar almonds but not once did I feel like they didn’t want us there. It felt like being with family and just having a good time! It was so awesome to skype with the fam but it was pretty lame that the video quality was bad. I was happy to see that you are all doing so well and you all look so great!

This Christmas week really was awesome and I felt very loved. I’m glad
that we have Christmas to remember the Savior and spend some
meaningful time with Him.

I’m sorry this email is so scatter brained but we got bombarded with 4
hours of service this afternoon and now I’m trying to squeeze out these emails while I wait for my hair cut!

Alright I love you and wish you a happy new year! Set some good goals and we’ll talk about em next week 🙂

Press on

Elder Gallacher


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