Week 91: Even As Thou Art

Merry Christmas everybody!
I sure hope that you are enjoying the season and time with family. Christmas time is the best and Germany does a great job celebrating.

As for us here in Potsdam we had a crazy week. For a quick overview we had a full street of contacting on Tuesday so Elder Çakır got his first real taste of the that part of the work. On Wednesday I ordered döner all in Turkish which was awesome! Oh side note for those that don’t know, döner is a sandwich thing that was invented here in Berlin back in the 70’s by the Turkish immigrants. It’s got this shaved meat stuff and vegetables and really good sauces and you can find them everywhere in Germany. Anyway all the döner shops are run by Turkish guys so they all got a kick out of me trying to speak Turkish haha.

We had our very first Turkish appointment on Thursday with a less active in Neuköln and I felt pretty good about the fact that I understood them say the word’s, “Holy Ghost” haha it’s weird not being able to understand anything but I hope it gets better and I will be able to get a little more in each lesson. We did service at the Berlin exhibition building which I swear is straight outta Star Wars! Anyway, there are a bunch of refugees living there and we built these shelf things and set up tons of tables! We also had a zone caroling day on Alexanderplatz and it was fun! Our position was horrible though and it was just a little chaotic but it was a good time! We had an awesome lesson with the son of our friend M. and it was really cool. MA., the son, is 15 and we just connected really well and had a good time together! We hope that he will be baptized in January!

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about a Christ-like character and how I can develop a deeper one in myself. I feel like a child learning to walk. I’m excited and I take a step and I feel like I could run and then boom I’m back on my tush confused and wondering what happened. But I’m ok with feeling like a child because the best part is feeling the immense love and support of Jesus Christ. He told us to be like him and He’s not just going to leave us to our own devices to figure out how to do it. The path is clear and light and He is there to help us along our journey. For me that is what the Christmas story is really about. Christ was born to show us how to live and be happy. It’s simple and His wish for us is simple. He asks us to be like Him because being like Him is the only way to truly find joy in this life and in the life to come. President Ezra Taft Benson shared a great thought and I want to leave you with it. While talking about developing Christ-like attributes he said … “I pray that these qualities and attributes of the Savior may abound in us so that when we stand at the Judgment and He asks each one of us, “What manner of man are you?” we can raise our heads in gratitude and joy and answer, “Even as thou art.”

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Love you,

Elder Gallacher


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