Week 90: A Crazy Week

Wow! What a week.
I sure hope that you all had a good week and that you’re gearing up
for Christmas! Christmastime in Germany is great but there’s nothing
like Christmas at home so enjoy this time with your loved ones!

This week we sure had a lot going on so I think I’ll just give you a classic play by play! On Monday Elder Headley and I went to Berlin and saw some sites and museums and had a good time!

Tuesday, we went to Berlin spandau and I put Elder Headley on a train to Hamburg and I made my way to Berlin central station where I met up with some of my best mission friends who are also training! We all boarded a train to Leipzig and had a grand time! I have all the videos from Brittlyn and tons of pictures of the fam on my iPad and I just love to show them off to the other missionaries! Haha I feel like a proud parent or something because I just show anyone and everyone! In Leipzig we changed trains and went to Dresden and let me tell you, it was fantastic! We got there and had nothing to do so we spent some time in the Christmas markets and they put the ones here in Berlin to shame! They were so amazing, full of lights and cool wooden trinkets and good food! Elder Bretzing and I both ate a 1/2 meter bratwurst! Splendid!
The next morning we had some time before we had to go to Freiberg for training so we just went power finding and wandered the city. We talked to so many people and it was incredible how receptive they all were! We found two sweet new investigators who we got to turn over to the Dresden elders and sisters! Really an incredible morning! That afternoon we took a train through the beautiful, hilly countryside of Sachsen all the way to Freiberg where the temple is. Oh boy I can’t say this enough, the temple is beautiful!!! I’ve been waiting my whole mission to see it and it’s incredible!

The next couple days were wonderful! At the temple the first night we had dinner with all the trainers and trainees and Elder Çakir totally knew I was going to train him because he brought my new name tags with him and all my Turkish books with my name on it so it was a dead giveaway! Oh well. We played it off and acted like it was a surprise when we got put together! Elder Çakir is awesome! He was born in Utah and has lived in Istanbul for the past 7 years. His dad is Turkish and his family seems awesome! We get along so well and we are both so excited to be together. We’ve got a nice little back and forth of German/Turkish teaching as well so hopefully when I get home I’ll be able to speak a little Turkish!

We got back Thursday night and Friday we got a call from the office asking us to come to Berlin to translate something for the mission into Turkish so we went and elder Çakir did his thing while I tried to make myself busy in the office. I did manage to find my file and get a copy of the picture that was taken of me while getting a speeding ticket in my first area haha. We had stayed the night at the office because we had a ZTM the next morning and by the time we got home on Saturday the day was over. I figure that because of the crazy nature of this week it is fitting that my email is a little all over the place and I think I have accomplished that!
Sunday was our only normal day and it was great! Church was great and we had dinner with a wonderful member family. We talked about Christmas (of course) and the spirit was just so strong! Brother K and I were both in tears as we shared our testimonies together of the Saviors birth. The Christmas season is so wonderful and it is such an amazing time to come closer to Christ and remember why He, a Savior, was born. I am thankful that God sent us His Son to us and I know that He Lives!

Love you and wish you the best!

Press on,

Yaşlı Gallacher




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