Week 87: Feeling Grateful

Happy thanksgiving!

I sure hope you’ve had an excellent week and that you’ve got great
plans set up for thanksgiving. What a wonderful holiday. I love it and
I hope you know grateful for you I am!

This week we had some great appointments and our friend D is
doing great and he will be baptized next week on Saturday! It’s
awesome to teach him. We’ve got a good friendship.
Little update on my end, about a month ago I got assigned to learn
Turkish by the mission president and on Monday we went to the office
to get some language books and it’s going to be great! Turkish is a
pretty nutty language but I’m excited to learn it. When we were at the
office I had a temple interview with president and we got to talk for 30 minutes about the Turkish assignment and all that it entails and it was just a really good interview and I’m really excited for what lies ahead!

The week all around wasn’t super eventful and it didn’t help that I
was pretty sick but one funny thing did happen. So we were with some
members and they found out that I was sick and they sprang into
action. They went to their garden and got some salbei (sage) boiled
some water, put the leaves in, put a towel over my head and said I
needed to put my face to the water and breath in the steam. Well I did
this and what they failed to tell me was that I should close my eyes
so I’m sitting there eyes wide open and burning like crazy, coughing
all the while my nose feels likes its on fire. Well I endured for a
good 3 minutes before they realized that my face was way to close to
the water and that I should periodically let some fresh air in! Haha
it was pretty miserable but they had a good laugh and got some
pictures so I can send them.

As this week is thanksgiving what better thing to talk about than being thankful. This week I saw some great examples of being thankful and also learned a bit. First off I had a dream that my mission ended without me finishing the last 4 1/2 months and I was pretty distraught in the dream. It really made me rerealize how grateful I am to be here. I thought about all the little things I love about being a missionary and how I want to embrace every moment I have left here. I am grateful for a wonderful blessing of counsel I received from my companion where I heard some things that I truly needed to hear and then as I read the scriptures the spirit taught me and I was able to learn so much. The blessing coupled with the spirit and the scriptures gave me so much strength. It was incredible to see how the Lord opened my mind to what I needed to learn and how through that I received the courage to do what needed to be done. I saw a wonderful example of gratitude as we had had lunch with sister K. and Oma A. at the church on Sunday. Oma A. is literally the sweetest lady I have ever met. She is about 90 years old and shines with the spirit just about as bright as I have ever seen. As we had lunch the sun shined through the dark clouds and through the window and right there and then she said a prayer out loud of thanks for the sun and spirit in the room! She just loves the gospel and every simple blessing that we receive from God. We were able to give her a blessing for the sick after lunch and she just thanked us over and over while holding our hands. She is awesome. (Oma means grandma btw.) I am grateful for Oma A. I’m grateful that I can testify and teach. Following the example of elder Ballard I’m grateful that I get to be persecuted. I’m grateful for the spirit. I’m grateful for the gospel and the knowledge it gives us. I’m grateful to be a child of God. I’m grateful for my family and everything they do for me. They are amazing. I’m grateful for the examples that I have had in my life. I’m grateful for the patience of the Lord. I’m grateful for His atonement and the change that it has brought to me. I’m grateful that Jesus Christ is always there for me. I’m grateful for my testimony, that for the large part I have found in this wonderful country. The list could go on and on because God has given us all that we have and all that is from God is good. Even if things are hard, I have a firm testimony that if we keep the faith and press on we will find gratitude and joy in all that surrounds us.

There are always good things to come.

Press on,
Elder Gallacher



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