Week 86: Be Anxiously Engaged

Hey everybody 🙂

Hope all is well with you and that this past week has treated you good.

This week as been pretty full of stuff going on but it’s been a good
one for sure! We found a new guy named M who is awesome. He spoke the heaviest slang and berlinerisch and it took a bit to really understand him but we got a long great and we will be teaching him. We also found two other friends named D and L and we’re excited to see what happens with them.  We had a lesson with our friend MO and we were able to answer his questions directly from the Book of Mormon and he was so excited! It was so fun to see. He reminds me a lot of dad because he just loves to crack jokes and is so friendly! Our friend D who will be baptized next week is still doing good, he wasn’t able to come to church but he’s super solid. We had an awesome member appointment with the G’s where we got to hang out with the two kids and make some food together. We had a blast! On Friday morning we got a text from the office and it said that we would have a mission wide conference call in 30 minutes. On the call we found out that elder Ballard would be in Berlin and he decided to take an hour to meet with some missionaries but our mission president said he couldn’t get all the missionaries there so luckily for us we didn’t have to plan travel because we’re right there. I’ll tell you a little more about what we learned
with elder Ballard a little later in the email. I also had the opportunity to FaceTime Cailey because little Miles is sick and it was a huge blessing. I feel very blessed that I got to check in an say hello to my parents and Cailey.

For the funny story of the week, it’s more of an all around fun story. So we were visiting a contact and she invited us in but we told her we needed to come back with a member because of the single woman rule and then her neighbor comes in the apartment door and starts going bonkers forcing us out even though he has no right to anyways we weren’t having any of it so we said go ahead call the cops this nice lady wants to meet with us and then he decided to try and show his teeth a little and said, “wie lange, bis tot bist?” Meaning how long till you are dead or in other words how quick could I kill you and I said back “well that depends on what you do and what I do” he then said “4 seconds” to which I said “should I count, or should you?” Well after a little more back and forth he ended up sitting on his lawn chair talking to us. Don’t get me wrong he was still threatening to kill us with his weapons and tried to put his live cigarette on my palm (all bark no bite) but he was actually discussing the gospel with us! The man had had a little too much to drink but he was still really coherent so we talked and we started becoming friends. After about 20 minutes outside he invited us in his apartment and we talked for another 30 minutes said a prayer together and left. The mans progression towards believing in God did not take any leaps or bounds but we we will never have trouble visiting this lady again and he said he will always greet us when we see us on the street. He also gave me a cool DDR flag! It was a fun night for sure. I’ll send a picture of him but you can’t put it on the blog because of data privacy here 🙂

Like I said, this Sunday we got to meet with elder Ballard in Berlin. He came with elder Kearon and elder Christiansen and their wives and we had a great conference! It was so fun to see elder Ballard in a comfortable situation where he was crackin’ jokes and things. I mean elder Ballard is seriously funny!
I’ll share a few direct quotes from him now. All the windows were open and he said, “Now if you get cold, just come and sit next to pres’ daughters. They’ll warm you up.” The whole crowd lost it in laughter. He talked about how we need to enjoy the trials of a mission and he
said when everything is going bad and the day looks horrible you should say, “Ah, we get to get persecuted today!” In regards to missionary work he said “Once you get crackin’, it’s hard to stop.” He said also, “I bless you in the name of Jesus Christ to have fun, not foolishness.”
The truths he taught that night were simple yet profound. He taught with joy and with boldness and the spirit was strong. The main theme of the night was how we can baptize more and one of the things he said really stuck out to me, he said, “I don’t know all the things that God wants us to do, but when we are anxiously engaged, miracles will happen”
I love that! It’s so true. If we worry about all the little things and forget to simply be a disciple of Christ we will miss out on things. The key is to be anxiously engaged. That’s really how life is. When we remember to live our covenants and follow Christ (which also means doing the things that He would do) we will see miracles in our daily lives because Heavenly Father loves us and He wants us to have help. I love serving my Savior and being anxiously engaged in His service. I promise you that there is joy in the gospel. Press on.

Love you,

Elder Gallacher


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