Week 85: Live in The Present


I sure hope this email is catching you at the end of a great week and that you have a great week ahead of you! The way I see it is that we can always look forward to a good week. It is all about how we see the situations that we are put in.
Well this week was really fun and we saw a lot of success!
We had a geneology training in Berlin and I figured out some inside strings I could pull so I managed to get some of my best friends in the mission in our group! We had a blast and I love family history! We found a man named S and he is really cool! We meet this week so we will see how it goes! I head a great exchange with elder Hite, a new missionary, and we had a linger longer after church. We brought tacos and guac and the german members were freaking out haha! They had me teach the whole branch in what order they should make the taco and how to fold it and after I demonstrated there was even a little applause! Needless to say the tacos were a hit. Germans are awesome.
For the funny story it comes from last night. We, a few days back, were walking on the street and a guy that lives a few doors down asked us for a book… now just to paint a picture this guy is about 5’5”, long hair and tattoos on his neck. Definitely someone you don’t want to see in a dark alley. On top of that he is a street boxer. So we went by on Sunday night and he let us in and said that he and his friend were making music and he invited us to come see well we walk in the house and they turn on some polish rap and start going drum hero with chopsticks, forks, Tupperware, and glasses and it was awful but they loved it! haha Elder Headley and I were just holding in laughs the whole time. It ended up being really good because we got to teach both of them and they really want to hear more. These two guys have a lot of work to do in order to get back on their feet but I have a vision for them and it involves them in white temple clothes!
At the end, our street boxer said the prayer and our polish friend didn’t know how to pray and kept saying “amen!” in the middle of the prayer and street boxer man kept saying, “Hör auf” and, “Shhhhh!” haha it was great!
I would like to share a little something from a talk given by President Monson in April 2008. I love our prophet and I love to read his teachings. Here is a brief quote form his talk ”Treasure of Eternal Value”
”Sometimes we let our thoughts of tomorrow take up too much of today. Daydreaming of the past and longing for the future may provide comfort but will not take the place of living in the present. This is the day of our opportunity, and we must grasp it.”
Professor Harold Hill, in Meredith Willson’s The Music Man, cautioned, “You pile up enough tomorrows, and you’ll find you’ve collected a lot of empty yesterdays.”

“There is no tomorrow to remember if we don’t do something today, and to live most fully today, we must do that which is of greatest importance. Let us not procrastinate those things which matter most.”

This is a principle that I learn over and over on my mission. If I take a day half-hearted and don’t give my best, it not only goes slow but it always ends with a feeling of regret.
When we face our days with wisdom from the past, hope for the future, and an unwavering drive to make something happen today we need not ever miss out on our own lives!
We all have a work to do here on earth and we are not alone. I know that Jesus Christ lives and that He is there for us. He sent his angels to bear us up.
Press on my dear family and friends! I love you and more importantly God loves you.
Moroni 9:6

6 And now, my beloved son, notwithstanding their hardness, let us labor diligently; for if we should cease to labor, we should be brought under condemnation; for we have a labor to perform whilst in this tabernacle of clay, that we may conquer the enemy of all righteousness, and rest our souls in the kingdom of God.

Love you,
Elder Gallacher
If you would like a copy of the PDF, here is the PDF Version

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