Week 84: The Power of The Sacrament

Hello hello!

First and foremost.. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!

Well I’m here in Potsdam! It’s a wonderful place with wonderful people and lots to do. I guess I’ll tell you a little about my getting here, and what I’ve done.

So Tuesday was the day I left Hannover and it was hard. My favorite member family came to give me a present and wish me well and that made it a little harder even. So I won’t drag my departure on too long so it’s enough to say that I got on a train and went to Potsdam. I met my new comp Elder Headly and got some of my stuff put away and then we hit the streets! And that’s how it’s been. We hit the ground running that’s for sure! I’ll give you a quick overview of the area real quick. So Potsdam is beautiful. The buildings are all pretty new but still built with really old architecture so it’s puts a kind of strange feel but I like it!

Our apartment is pretty rough! Haha for example two of the light switches are just two exposed wires that you have to strategically touch together to get light! We tidied it up a bit though so all is well. We are teaching some cool people. D is getting baptized in three weeks. A is a good guy. We just found a young German guy named S and we are excited for all of them! The dialect here is also really different but not really hard to understand. The members are awesome and Sunday was a powerful testimony meeting and I already love the members so much! The branch is small. Normally about twenty at church but it really is a family!! Our goal is to make it a ward so be praying for that!

As for a funny story, it comes from a day on the street. Elder Headly and I were in a tram and it stopped and the doors wouldn’t open for us so we thought we’d just go to the next station but then the doors opened so I hopped out only to look back to see Elder Headly still on the tram, with the doors closed, in devastating confusion trying to figure out where I had gone. His confusion turned to despair has the tram pulled away and he saw me standing on the street. Now at this point I’m laughing pretty hard because I know the next station is only a few hundred meters away and we could just walk back to each other but I think the shock of losing his companion hit Elder Headly a little harder than it did me. Well all was fine as we reunited on the street and we then both had a pretty good laugh.

I want to share quickly my testimony of the sacrament. I would like to tell the story of a member here named Brother K. First off let me say that this guy and his wife are spiritual giants. We had dinner with them and we are already close with one another. Anyway, I sat next to him in church and something occurred to me, because the branch is so small, the amount of time we have for the sacrament was only about 5 minutes and Brother K. was fully prepared to make those five minutes count. After the sacrament prayer and finishing his own he opened his scriptures to what, I can only assume, was a pre-thought out chapter. I felt the spirit of preparedness with him and I could see how his experience was being magnified because he had prepared himself for this sacred ordinance. As the branch counselor turned the time over to the congregation for testimonies he was the first one up and he bore a simple but powerful testimony of the joy he felt when partaking of the sacrament. I want to testify that there was a light in his eyes and I know it came because of his rock solid faith in Christ and his preparations for this sacred gift of the sacrament. So I would like to challenge not only myself but all of us to prepare a little more for this sacred and short time so that we may all feel the cleansing and healing power of the atonement a little stronger in our lives! I know that Christ lives and I love him and my Heavenly Father!

Give ’em heaven,

Elder Gallacher

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