Week 83: Leaving Hannover

Hello hello 🙂

Well this week we got some news. The elder Winter-Gallacher combo has come an end. After 7 and a half months in Hannover and 6 months together I will be leaving and going to Potsdam. It’s right outside of Berlin and is voted to be the most beautiful city in Germany so I can’t complain! I’ve been there once and I’m excited to go back. My new companion is from Canada and his name is elder Headly. I hear that he is 25 so that’s cool! He’s pretty new on the mission so it will be fun.

This week we were busy as usual but we found a cool new investigator and I have high hopes for him. I was able say bye to a lot of the people that I have grown to love here and I’m really going miss it here. I’ve learned so much here and I feel I’ve grown a lot and I’m so thankful for my time here.

Well I’m sorry I have to keep this really short but there are some things I gotta get done before I leave so I gotta go but I love you all so much!!

Give ’em heaven,

Elder Gallacher

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