Week 82: Use Your Time Wisely

Howdy hey!

This week was great! We had a lot of things going on including a zone training meeting, interviews with the president, lots of good finding and new friends!

We were busy in the beginning of the week preparing for the meeting and the meeting went really well and so did interviews with president. Still no news on my extension so I’m still waiting! We found some cool people on the street this week as well. I was on exchange with the AP’s and elder Wipf and I had a great time! One guy we found
is really really solid and we will be meeting with him tonight before we play basketball!

I thought I’d start sharing a funny story from the week as well so this week it comes from last night. First, the background. There is this guy who always hangs out at the tram stops and just yells and never wears a
shirt and just pumps to his little radio like he killin’ it with a boombox back in the 90s. Now this guy is around 60, short and round and loves to cause trouble. Well last night we were in a tram and as he got out he yells, “Hör auf!!!!” (Meaning stop it and in this context it made no sense!) And throws his carton of orang juice right at elder
Winter and I! Luckily he missed but it got a good laugh going in the tram! Everyone knows him and just kinda accepts the crazy stuff he does.

This week I thought a lot about what it means to use my time wisely and I really tried hard to use my time as exact as I could. As I did this I realized how much time is given to us and when we are aware of that it opens the door to more service. Whenever I feel like I have no time I just try to serve someone and then somehow time is there. I
also saw how much God blesses us when we are mindful of the things at hand. This lesson as been learned a lot over my mission and I hope I can keep it with me forever. I wish I knew this principle before the
mission too.

Things here are great. Transfers are next week and we’ll see if I stay another one (it’s very likely I will go) I love it here and I’m grateful for every day that I have! God is good and he loves us!

Have a great week and give ’em heaven

Elder Gallacher

unnamed unnamed


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