Week 81: Remember the Simple Things

Hello hello!

So this week was really good. I’m going to try to format my emails a little bit differently so we’ll see how it goes! My good friend Hunter writes well so I’m going to copy him haha.

So we had a great week! We had exchange and the rest was a blur of planning except for the baptism of Wilson!! That was super awesome and he was so happy. I was able to give him the gift of the Holy Ghost and it was a really cool experience! He was so happy the whole day and it was great to hear his testimony!

So this week I’ve been thinking a lot about what President Uchtdorf said when he talked about how the gospel is simple. One thing I know for sure is that when we just keep things simple things always go better! I noticed that as I looked back on my mission and my life and I know that in the times when I remembered the small things and kept my faith centered on Christ I was not only happier but I was able to help other people even more. For me what it comes down to is that when we remember the profound yet simple love our father in heaven and Jesus Christ we will then be able to spread that love through service and simple deeds! So my lovely family and friends, remember this week to do something simple for those around you and I promise the Lord will show you his profound love! I have experienced it myself!

Have an awesome week and give em heaven!

Elder Gallacher

Listen to Elder Utchdorf’s Talk Here


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