Week 80: Simplifying the Gospel

Hello everyone!!

Well this week was crazy busy and there isn’t much to update besides CONFERENCE!!! But I’ll give a quick update of what we did.

So we had an exchange in Göttingen and it takes forever to get there so it takes a lot of our time. The elder that I was with got really sick so we couldn’t do much, but we did get to meet with Jerry and Doris and they are doing great! Doris should have the baby soon and we’re excited for them. We visited Göttingen’s district meeting and ended up being there most of the day. This was because the office bought us a really late ticket so that was kind of lame. But it was good to be there. 

On Thursday we were prepping for MLC on Friday because we had to give 45 minute theme. We then headed off Thursday night because the sisters here in Hannover had a special meeting that night and we bought the ticket together so we to went that night but did not stay for the special sisters conference. 😉 Anyways, we got there and the office elders (who are both from my group) picked us up in the big van. We cruised on over to Spandau to get a super good döner and elder Winter and I both ate two of them haha! I was not feeling good after that!

I got to stay with elder Clemens and his trainee that night and it was good to catch up with him and laugh about our time together in Hamburg. We had a really good meeting at the mission home and it was great because elder Winter and I brought our Birkenstocks as house shoes! We had the chance to teach about the atonement. I truly love to bear testimony of Christ and what He did for us. It was great to be able to teach and learn with the people there. After MLC we had a little time in Berlin to explore and see some stuff so I’ll send pics!

As for a funny story as we were in Berlin it was the Deutscher Tag der Einheit and there was this massive party concert thing in front of the Brandenburger Tor and we stumbled through and ended up in the middle
of a crazy German party with a few thousand people there and it was pretty cool. We didn’t linger, but it was a fun little adventure.

Conference was amazing! Wilson came and he loved it! He is still super excited to go on his mission and to be baptized! I learned so much about how the spirit will guide us in our lives to always keep improving.  I loved the first talk by President Uchtdorf where he talked about making things simpler. I really want to get better at that! In making things simpler I’m going to gather my thoughts from conference and share simple truths of what I learned throughout the coming weeks!

I sure hope all is well wherever you may be and that you enjoyed conference! I love you all. Keep on keeping on 🙂

Elder Gallacher



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