Week 78: Let Christ Into Your Life

Hello hello! Well this week was pretty great.

We had a lot going on and it got really busy but we had some really cool appointments and fun times.

So on Monday we went to this massive castle called Marienburg Schloss and it was so sweet! We had fun climbing up to it and sliding down the mud and we finally got there and it was so beautiful. We couldn’t see too much of the inside but we decided to get creative and we filmed a troll fighting movie on the grounds and it was so funny! I’ll try and send the videos sometime! We had transfer day on Tuesday and there were a lot of changes and it got really stressful at the train station but everyone got through ok.

We met with Henry to help him prepare for the Melchizedek priesthood and he is so excited! He can’t wait to help out in the branch and to fulfill his new calling in the branch! He bore his testimony in the first branch meeting and said he is going to take the gospel to the world! He is so stoked on the gospel.

We also met with mark and he is doing so good. He loves the Book of Mormon and he is making so much progress. When we first met he didn’t really believe in God but now when he prays he always thanks God that He showed him the way to the right faith! It is so cool to see how the spirit is working with him.

Jerry and Doris are also doing really good. We still have to help them get married before they can get baptized but they are so ready and they love the gospel.

On Sunday we were able to see the creation of a new branch in Hannover! It will  be an English speaking branch and our new convert Henry Patrick is the second counselor in the presidency! We are so excited for him and the branch and we know a lot of good will come.

Lately, I have been studying in the book of revelations and this week one of the things that I loved most from the book is chapter 3:20-21. It talks about how Christ is knocking on our door and how we need to let Him in. We are all invited to let Christ into our lives but there are those who don’t know that this invitation is there for them and that is why I love my mission because I get to tell people about Christ everyday! It’s the best. I know this church is true.

I love you all and wish you a wonderful week,

Your Elder Gallacher




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