Week 77: Christ Will Not Forget Us


Well this week was one for the books! First off on Monday we were doing emails and I got a call from an unknown number and I answered and it was president Kosak!! He just called because he wanted to say hi
and it was the best surprise! Tuesday night, Elder Winter and I came home and we see elder Perkins on the floor with blood all over his neck and blood all on the ground. We figured Elder Billings had a bloody nose and they staged a murder scene but then Elder Billings came around the corner and it turns out that the poor kid stabbed his thumb about an inch and a half deep while trying to open a coconut! Haha so we packed up and went to the hospital at about 10:30 pm. ‘Twas a fun night!

We found this guy named Mark and he is sweet! He’s 22 and super funny! We met with him and he is super excited about the Book of Mormon and our faith. We already have a good relationship and we have a good time. We found out Elder Perkins is leaving so that was super sad but we also learned I’m staying with Elder Winter for my fifth transfer in Hannover! Pretty nuts. On Saturday we had a ward party and I brought my slack line and it was a hit! The ward members had an awesome time! We had a guy named Bright come who is from Nigeria and has been a member for around 13 years but he is a little sketchy looking. Pretty much looks like a hard-core gangster. Anyways we had segways at the party and Bright was on one for like an hour just going up and down the parking lot giving us the death stare the whole time! Haha he is pretty scary but we love him. That night, because it was Elder Perkins last Saturday and we still hadn’t really celebrated mine and Elder Winters birthday we decided to get dressed in our nicest suits and go to a steak house called block house which is just ridiculously over priced and we ended up throwing down 40€ per plate! It was a good memory and we had a really good time!

On Sunday we met with Wilson, our Albanian friend, and he wants to be baptized on the 10th of October. We are super excited for him! We also found out that next week we will have a new English branch in Hannover! What’s even cooler is that Henry, the man who was baptized a few months back, is the second counselor in the branch presidency! I can’t tell you how happy I was to hear that. It so awesome to see him progress in gospel and grow his testimony and now be able to really serve people with what he knows!

This week I was reading in 1 Peter 4:14 where it talks about Christ being glorified by us and the thought I had while studying was that when we praise Christ and glorify him even though the world hates him and speaks evil of him, he will remember our faith in him and when we are standing before him at the judgment or at hard times when our sins and shortcomings are staring us right in the face, he will in turn figure us and glorify us for our father in heaven!
That is my testimony, first and foremost that Christ lives and that when we are being stared down by a world of evil and sin and our own mistakes we can have the assurance that Christ will not forget us (1 Nephi 21:15-16) and he will glorify us.

I love you and hope all is well! Have an amazing week.

Give ’em heaven,

Elder Gallacher


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