Week 76: I Am Learning Twi!

Hello hello!!

Ok well this week was good! First and foremost, I would like to say thank you for the birthday wishes. I could feel the love all the way across the big ocean. So last week I said there are some things in the works and now I will tell you all…. drum roll please…..because our mission has so many people from Africa who speak different languages I have now been assigned to learn an African language called Twi. With this new assignment my mission president has also put in a request to the church headquarters for me to stay 3 extra transfers. It is not very likely that I will stay for that long but I am, nonetheless, now learning twi. I started on Wednesday and it is not a very easy language, despite what all the Africans tell me. It has tones for past and future tenses and there is no material to learn except for the book of mormon so we’ll see how it goes! I cant wait for this new
adventure and I know that if it’s the lords will all will work out! On monday we went to pilzjagen! (mushroom hunting)  and we had a blast! Tuesday I turned 20 so that was something new. We had a surprise member visit and they found out that it was my birthday when we were there so they quickly baked a cake and gave it to us!
We had a really awesome meeting with Jerry and Doris and they are so awesome! They are so ready to be baptized the only problem is that they need to be married first and that’s going to take a while. But we
are praying for a miracle because they really are so prepared. So really the rest of the week was just super busy with different things but on sunday we had a great time because Jerry, Doris, Bright, Prince, and Wilson came to church! Wilson is our friend from Albania and he is doing so well. He wants to be baptized so we need to just
teach him now. We have a really good relationship and its so good to see him at church!

This week I read some pretty cool verses on faith in the book of James and I would tell you exactly what I learned but time is really out so I gotta just give you the reference and I challenge you to go and read them! James 2:14- 21.

Alright, sorry this email is so lame but time is really short today! well I love you all and I hope you have a wonderful week!!

Give em heaven,

Elder Gallacher

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