Week 74: Bold With The Power of God

Hello wonderful family!

Well, this week was so so busy but we had some pretty awesome things happen. We were only able to work in our area for half a day but in that short time we had some amazing appointments!

First off, on Tuesday we had to go to Hamburg for a special Family search genealogy work shop and I got to have lunch with my good friend Brother Stephens! We had pancakes and had a good time catching up on old times! We then had this family search thing and it was so sweet! There is a sister in the mission named Sister Sear and
she is an expert so she taught us one on one how to do this stuff and it was so cool! I actually ended up finding a wife where I had a dead end which led to finding a whole family of names that I have now requested for temple work! It was super cool! That night I got to stay in my old apt in Hamburg and it was pretty weird but really cool! The next morning we had zone conference and Elder Paul V. Johnson of the Seventy was there and we had a good meeting! We learned lots about helping people keep commitments and progressing towards baptism.

Thursday we were finally back in Hannover and we got word that we had to prepare this big Powerpoint presentation for MLC in Berlin the next day. That ended up taking the whole day because we got a ton of
graphs of the numbers the zone had in the last six months and we had to make projections and goals and plans for the next 4 months accordingly. For someone who doesn’t like numbers it was pretty horrible but we got most of it done before we got to have dinner with the Knabes again which was a nice little break because after we got
home we continued working until about 1am to finish the presentation. The next morning we got up at 4:30am to catch our train Berlin and we had a good meeting again with Elder Johnson. The first part we talked about the numbers and things like that and then that last half we talked about so many cool things. One of the topics was the balance between being humble and confident and one thing that Elder Johnson said was that Humility is knowing that the power does not lie within yourself and confidence is knowing that the power lies in God!
I loved that so much because we need to be humble but we need to be bold and as long as we know that we are bold because of the power of God we can still stand in confidence all the while being humble!

Saturday, we had the coolest appointments! We met with Valeri from Belarus and taught him the Plan of Salvation and it went really well. After we met with Marc who is german and it was so so cool. He is in his twenties and the first time we met with him he was really skeptical and bold about his opinion but by the end he was very open. He doesn’t believe in God the same way we do but he decided to pray and when we met with him he said that he had been praying every day and the first time he prayed he had a rush of happiness. We started talking about the Plan
of Salvation and he was seriously a different person. He was so humble and ready to learn and believe. He has taken the words of Alma from the Book of Mormon to heart and has decided to believe in God so that he can come to a knowledge of Him! As we talked about God and the pre-mortal life he explained to us the idea of eternal progression perfectly and we asked where he had learned it and he said he just came up with it! Everything was just clicking and the spirit was so strong. We were all just so happy because we were feeling the spirit together and learning together! It was also cool because I was able to learn things about Adam and Eve that I had never thought of before! That appointment was probably the coolest that I have had on my mission and I cant wait to meet again next week!

That night we had to go to Kassel for a special assignment so we both stayed the night there and then that morning Elder Winter went back to Hannover with another missionary and I stayed in Kassel for church and
afterwards I had to take care of some problems in the branch on behalf of the mission president so that was kind of weird but it needed to be done.

So this week was all over the place but the most wonderful thing is that the part that sticks out the most was that time we had with Marc. It goes to show that the small feelings of the Spirit are what sticks with you and keeps you going. That is also what enables me to stand with confidence and also humility.

All is well here in Hannover! I love you all and hope you are doing swell!

Sending my love,

Elder Gallacher

Click here to learn more about the Plan of Salvation !



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