Week 73: Listening to The Spirit

Hello wonderful people, I hope you had a wonderful week!

My week was quite nice and we got a lot done!

This weeks letter will not be as grandiose as the last but I will try
to fill you in on the important stuff because we had some pretty sweet
stuff go down!

So, at the beginning of the week I went to Halberstadt on exchange and it was sweet! It is this little town in the middle of a mountain range called Harz and although these are no alps they are still super pretty and the little towns and villages are sweet! We did a lot of street contacting and met a ton of people from Holland so that was interesting. The exchange was good and then the next day we had district meeting in Braunschweig and it was a good meeting. Elder Winter and I had to give a lesson and we had no time to prep because we were on exchange but we managed to pull it off thanks to the spirit! The next day we had our own district meeting and we did a lot of finding and talked to the coolest guy! He speaks perfect german and english but is from Afrika. He had just got back from new york and said that while he was there he was praying to find the right path to be able to follow Christ and he even talked to a preacher and then we talked to him! Sadly he didn’t want to set up a new appointment but he was sweet and we know he will give us a call cause the spirit was just so strong on the street! Earlier in the week we met with Eline and it went pretty well. She has a lot of trouble understanding why authority is important but she still wants to meet with us so we are trying to figure out what we need to do to help her understand and feel the spirit. She read her bible in dutch and it was funny cause it’s so close to german and english that we could understand 90 percent of what she said and read but speaking is another story! Its such a cool language though.  We met with a guy named Marc who is a young German man and at first he was super skeptical and didn’t accept anything we said but the spirit came so strongly as we talked about faith and he totally felt it and softened his heart so much. He is a pretty hard-core guy but by the end of the appointment he seemed so meek. It was really cool to see his whole attitude change. Elder winter shared a personal story about prayer and then about 15 minutes later as we were wrapping up I had the impression to commit him to pray and ask God if He was there. I then felt it would be better if I asked him what he should do because of what we taught him and then hopefully he could come up with prayer on his own. Well I knew the spirit had told me to ask him but I was scared because we really hadn’t talked about prayer so I thought maybe I should first share a scripture and then I heard in my mind “no Briggs, just ask the question like I told you.” So I did and he thought for about 15 seconds and said, “Well because of what you taught me I think I need to do what Elder Winter did and pray.” Hallelujah my friends! I get chills just typing the story! It was a super cool experience!

Saturday we had the baptismal interview for Bokar and he passed with flying colors. That night we met with Johanna and her sister was there and we had a really good conversation about faith.  Johanna is still really interested so we will keep meeting with her but her sister has to leave so we went back on sunday and gave her a Book of Mormon!

Sunday was Bokars baptism and it was amazing! He was smiling from ear to ear and he was just so happy! We had a member baptize him in French so that just added to the awesomeness! It has been so cool to see his whole process! His testimony of the restored gospel is so strong and he loves Joseph Smith! He has had a crazy hard life but he has finally found what he is looking for and he couldn’t  be happier. Another cool thing is that he is literally from Timbuktu haha I didn’t even know that was a real place!

The rest of sunday was super rough because we had to write this huge report and follow-up with all the missionaries so it took about 4 hours but that night we got to see amazing fireworks over the lake from the tenth floor of our apartment so that was sweet!

This next week we will be in Hamburg from Tuesday thru Wednesday and Berlin for Friday and Kassel from Saturday-Sunday so we will be all over the place but it should be good!

Remember that Christ lives and that Spirit is our guide in all we do.  I testify that he will be with us every step of the way when we are worthy.

Have an awesome week and feel the joy of the gospel!

Give ’em heaven,

Elder Gallacher



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