Week 72: The world’s greatest compass


Hope everyone out there is doing great and feeling happy! For me this
week was awesome. As part of our goals we are doing a zone fast where
one companionship fasts each day and the whole zone has been seeing
some amazing miracles! Fasting is seriously cool. The blessings I have
seen have been tremendous and it really is a time of great spiritual
growth! As for the week it was filled with funny stories and great
people so I’m going to give you a classic day to day run down. Auf die
Plätze, fertig, Feuer, los!!

We went to the zoo!! It was crazy. We went late so we would get a
cheaper price so we only had like an hour, so we just blew
through it but it was awesome! At the end of the day we we prepared
for transfer Tuesday and then we were going to play basketball.
Only a few guys showed up so we shot around for a bit and then out of
nowhere this inactive member that we are working with shows up and
wants to play. It’s hard to explain just how funny it was, but try to
imagine a 50 year old, 6’4 white German guy in jean shorts and socks
running around doing between the leg jump passes straight to the wall!
Haha He is usually pretty reserved but for those 15 minutes or so he
went nuts and had the time of his life! It was pretty funny, but also
really cool to see him there having a good time! He also wants to
become active again and go to the temple so we are working with him to
achieve that goal!

We had transfer day at the train station and not too much happened
because not a whole lot changed in the zone so that made it easy. In the
afternoon we went finding and found this cool girl named Johanna who
is about 23 and said she wanted to talk about the Book of Mormon. So we
set up an appointment for Friday. In the evening we went to institute
and prayed for missionary work with the all the YSA’s and then we went
back out and the first guy we talked to said that he had been looking
for someone to teach him about God for a long time. He’s a super cool
guy from Belarus and we are going to meet tomorrow!

We were at the church and this polish woman, who we had met one time
before, came in. We started talking to her and she literally knows no
German or English… only Polish so we pull out out google translate
and start using the microphone setting, but it apparently kept
translating wrong because our friend Bożena was dying laughing! We
would say something and it would appear on the screen in Polish and
then she would lose it. Pretty soon all three of us were laughing, but
the result is that she has a Book of Mormon and is reading it
so I guess our message was somewhat understood!

We had district meeting and dinner with our main man brother Knabe who
is actually one of the translators for general conference. We had a
great evening with him and all the missionaries.

We had planning to do and then found for a bit, and then we met with
Johanna. We brought our ward mission leader along because she lives
alone and the appointment was great! We taught the first lesson and
the spirit was really strong. She said that because of how she felt at
that time she already believes that Joseph Smith was called as a
prophet and that the church of Jesus Christ was restored! She is
pretty sweet and we are meeting again on Thursday so we are excited
about her!

We had a good day at church. Our friends Bożena and Diakite came so
that made us happy! We had a great dinner and then went out on the
streets, but were quickly called back in after getting a text Sent from
my iPad.

All in all the week was really full of small and big miracles, as well
as funny stories! I studied about charity and duty and I got to
thinking about how I truly want to become what President Eyring calls
the “Priesthood Man” I’m trying to become the kind of person that I
would’ve looked up to as I was a kid. What I have really come to know
is that by following Jesus Christ’s example and by using His
atonement, I can become that kind of a person! It takes a lot of work
but I know that it’s possible.
I love you all. Enjoy every minute of this week and remember to always
listen for that still small voice. It’s the world’s greatest compass I swear! 😉

Give ’em heaven,
Elder Gallacher

Brigham's trainer came back to visit and sent us this picture!

Brigham’s trainer came back to visit and sent us this picture!


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