Week 71: Go To The Temple


My oh my this week was nuts, but it was super good!

First I’ll try to update you all on some of the big stuff that happened.
So on Tuesday I was on exchange and I got to work here in Hannover and
we had a good time. We met with a woman named Ilona and she was
awesome! She was so excited about everything we taught her and she
wanted to come to church. We had another appointment on Saturday with her, but
sadly there was some random guy at her place who gave us the Book of Mormon
back and said she wasn’t interested anymore… We were pretty bummed,
but we will go back again because we are not sure if it was just the
guy or if she is really not interested.
Anyway, on Wednesday we had a district meeting for Stadthagen and it
was great and then we had an eating appointment with the Metzigs who
are the family that we ate with last Sunday. We seriously ate the
best Italian food of my life! It made it better because we were
fasting for an exchange 🙂 we were going to do the next day and I really
can’t say enough how good this food was. We shared a thought
with them about Christ and how he bears our burdens and we just shared
a bunch of our favorite scriptures and the spirit was just so strong.
Everyone there was crying and sister Metzig bore the greatest
testimony and it was just a really special evening. On Sunday brother
and sister Metzig both bore testimony of the missionaries and I really
think it got the ward excited for missionary work. It was also really
nice to feel their gratitude.

On Thursday we went to Minden to help the Elders there with their
finding and we just had such a good time! The two Elders there are
pretty young but they are so great! We saw some great miracles and
with the four of us we found 6 new investigators in 4 hours! It was
just like a power exchange and we had a great time!
The next day we got up super early and headed to Berlin for MLC. It
was such a good meeting and we talked so much about the temple. The
vision for the mission is now completely to focus on the temple. The
meeting had such a special spirit and my testimony grew so much!
Every time I talk about the temple or give a testimony of it the spirit seems
to just fill me to capacity. We had a zone conference call last night
to explain the new goals and talk about what was discussed at MLC and
it was so awesome! The spirit was so strong.

This week not a whole lot in our program happened just because we weren’t
really in our own area, but it was still an awesome week!

What I really want to say is simply go to the temple! It’s been over a
year since I’ve been (because we aren’t close enough to one) and I miss it so much. Please please please
remember how incredible the blessings of the temple are in our lives.
One thing that I have truly come to know is that whenever I need to
make a decision to follow the Savior I know that I have already said
yes in the temple. I already made the decision in 2013 and that makes
it easy for me to make the smaller decisions in my life. The temple is
amazing and I’m so greatful for it!

I love you and hope all is well.

Alles liebe,
Elder Gallacher




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