Week 68: Baptism


Wow this week was absolutely crazy and there isn’t a way to
explain all the stuff that happened, but I will try my best to share
the highlights.

We had zone conference with the new president and it was good. We had
it here in Hannover so it was nice not to have to travel anywhere. It
was a little weird not having having President Kosak there, and it was
also in German which is also different, but it was good and it was a
good meeting with President Fingerle and his family.

We had a fun evening at our bishop’s house where we ate and talked
about the work here! Elder Winter and I got so excited when we got
home because we had an idea on how to work with the young men and less
actives, and we just started jumping around being so happy! I swear the
longer I’m here the happier and crazier I get!

We had exchange on the weekend so the district leader could do the
baptismal interviews and shortly put, everything that could’ve gone
wrong, did go wrong. It ended up being that President needed to do the
interviews for Kim and Rebecca so we tried to do it over Skype, but
then Kim’s baby got sick so they couldn’t come cuz they were at the
hospital. Anyway, we ended up telling Kim and Rebecca that they
couldn’t get baptized the next day because of the missed interview and
they were devastated, as were we, but then at around 9:45 pm we had an
idea that the President’s counselor Bruder Knabe, in our ward could do the
interviews at church. Well President Fingerle said that would work
and long story short everything with the interviews went well and I
had the amazing opportunity to baptize my dear friends Kim and
Rebecca! As Kim came out of the water she began to cry and I could
just see the joy in her eyes! The same thing happened with Rebecca and it was
such an awesome experience to have!

I am so thankful to be a missionary! I love every moment of it. I
know this gospel is true and that it blesses people’s lives! I have
seen it first hand many a time.

Get out there and share the joy! I love you!

Give ’em heaven,

Elder Gallacher

Kim and Rebecca's batism's

Kim and Rebecca’s batism’s


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