Week 67: Coincidences and Temples


How are you doing on this lovely day?

Please forgive me for this short email, but time is short and therefore
this email will be short.

This week went by really fast. I had exchanges in a city called
Halberstadt and it was beautiful! Reminded me of my first area and it
was good to be in a little town again!
We had MLC in Berlin with the the new mission president and it was
really good. It felt different because President Kosak was not there.
However, President Fingerle is really good. He is really kind and he is
excited to be with us. We are focusing a lot as a mission on the
temple now, and we have plans for Henry to go to the temple before it
closes in a month for cleaning! He is so excited! He can’t wait to be baptized
for his Father who died a while ago. We can’t wait for him to go and
we know it will be such a huge blessing for him!

We met with Bokar, Kim and Rebecca who will be baptized on Sunday and
they are all doing well. Sunday will be so great! The Sisters also
have three people getting baptized, so it will be a busy day for sure!!

This week was SO hot. Well in to the 100’s high humidity. I
was soaked the whole day on Saturday, and then on Sunday we had a down
pour and lighting storms and elder Winter and I got caught right in
the middle of it!

For a quick little story today we were at the city building that is a
tourist site and we met a guy from America who served his mission in
southern Germany. He was here for a meeting and we had a good time
chatting. We then went outside and this woman comes up to us and says
‘Hey Elders!’ and we ended up talking to her for about 20 minutes! She is a
member from Utah who is visiting friends here. So that was coincidence
number two. Lastly, we found out her niece who was also there
is moving to Granite Bay! Haha Then we see a member in our ward that is from
Utah and they have their brother and his wife there, and we find out
that the wife of the brother is the woman that taught Maddie Latvian
in the MTC! Haha It’s such small world. This all happened in the space of
about 30 minutes, and we were just in amazed! That was pretty awesome! It
was really fun to see some friendly Americans and it really made our

Well looks like I’m out of time here, but I love you all and want you
to be happy so remember that Christ lives and he loves you! Get out
there and spread it!!


Elder Gallacher

Saying goodbye to Sister Kosak! My Mission mom!

Saying goodbye to Sister Kosak! My Mission mom!

Recent Baptism!

Recent Baptism!


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