Week 66: Still sick… but Service is the antidote

Hello Family and Friends!

This week was not too eventful. As you know last Monday Elder winter
and I got very sick. We thought it would go away after a day or two
but it went strong all the way till this Saturday! It was miserable.
Because of the sickness we were inside most of the week and don’t have
much to report on, but I would like to share a few things!
First off we experienced a miracle on transfer day. Tuesday morning we
woke up at six to get ready to go to the station (still sick) to help all the
missionaries and we could both barely stand. We got showered and
thought we might just wear our Pday (normal clothes), but then we thought we
should show God our faith and wear our suits like nothing was wrong. So we suited
up and prayed that we would at least be able to push through the pain
so we could help all the other missionaries.

Now at this point we hadn’t stood for more than a few seconds in the last 30 hours, but we went out
with faith! And we saw a miracle. We got to the station at about 8 am and
stood there helping missionaries with their bags until 5pm and I only
went needed to excuse myself one time! Now I can’t say that I felt good cuz I
felt like a sick dog, but the Lord helped us to push through and
literally the second I walked in the door of my apartment I had to excuse myself for the rest of the day.

It goes to show that the Lord wants to help
His children and He made it so that we could be at the station all day
to do just that!
The rest of the week consisted of me growing my facial hair (cause I was sick), losing 15
pounds and eating nothing but rice and tee.
Saturday we felt pretty good so we met with L., B., K.,
and R, and they are all doing well! They are ready to be baptized
on the 12th!

That was pretty much the week, but here is some spiritual stuff that I
learned this week!
For me the gospel is just the best thing! I get so excited when I feel
the Spirit and I love that we have a Heavenly Father who is there and
we can just talk to him whenever we want!! It’s the greatest give
I love how the gospel teaches us to serve. If there is one thing that
hits me harder than most it would have to be service. I mean, I love
Joseph Smith, and all the other prophets, and Jesus Christ more than anything!
But, I think about what they were doing and all they did was serve
others! I love that God has showed us that we need to take care of each
other and that He gave us the Spirit so we can feel so good when we do
Feeling the Spirit has become a treasure in my life. I remember what
it’s like to not have the Spirit and it’s the worst, and I love that
the love of God is poured out upon me now!
The scriptures are the best! They are filled with the Spirit and with
guidance. I was reading in Ether chapter 3 today, and I learned that
I need to be like the brother of Jared and go and find people (like
the 16 stones) and then I need to humble myself before the Lord and
ask that he will touch their hearts and that he will bless them with
the light of the gospel so that they will be open to hearing our
message and to being baptized! As this happens my faith will grow just
like the Brother of Jared. So first thing is I need to make a plan of
how to find more investigators!

Good stuff! Well I love you all so much and hope all is well!

Give ’em heaven out there,

Elder Gallacher


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