A Great Week!

Dear family and friends!

This week was so awesome! First off, best thing was Henry getting baptized! Henry is seriously so cool. Every time he learns something new he gets so happy and writes everything down! He’s not a very smiley person but after his baptism his smile was ear to ear! It was so wonderful to see. It was also amazing to see how much the Lord blessed us and him. It was a really great experience to share with Elder Winter because it was the first time for both of us that someone we taught got baptized! It was a little stressful making sure everything was good to go but it all worked out great and it was an amazing service!
In other events, this week was super busy. We had an exchange on Monday with the the Bielefeld elders and it went well. The elder I worked with is doing really good and we were able to find two new friends and one of them has decided to be baptized on the 12th of july! His name is BK and he is from Mali and he is sweet!
On Wednesday we went to Hamburg again for a big meeting with the leaders from this half of the mission and it was really good. Elder Winter and I had to give a theme and it was super fun. I really love to teach. At the beginning of my mission I didn’t love it but now I think it’s just fun! It was sad however because it was the last time to see President Kosak and sister Kosak and they are just legends! I was able to give Sister Kosak a great big hug which was sweet. She and I have had a good relationship since the beginning of my mission and it was sad to say goodbye to them both. As they were driving away they called me over to the car and both said some very tender words to me as President pretty much cradled my head with his Soviet man hands! I am going to miss them a lot but I am excited to work with President Fingerle as well.
At the meeting in Hamburg President Kosak asked an elder to say the word “holy” three times and then asked him if he was holy because he said it. We then went on to talk about sanctifying ourselves and that is something that I have been working on. For me it’s all about consistency of effort, always giving you best and never giving up. This whole week has been like an outpouring of the spirit. It’s been so wonderful to see the promise fulfilled it D&C 19:23 where it says that when we listen and follow Christ we will have peace in Him and that’s really what I felt.
It was also so great to feel the power of being worthy because Elder Bell came to me and asked me for a blessing of comfort and I had no idea what the problem was but I knew that Lord was speaking through me and it didn’t matter if I knew the problem or not the Lord would tell me what to say. After the blessing Elder Bell just hugged me for about a minute and it was a really special experience. I was also able to give a blessing to Elder Francom and it was just really cool to feel that I was prepared and ready to do those things.
On Thursday we went to Braunschweig to visit a district meeting and then on Friday after our own district meeting we had another exchange with the Celle elders and I had a great time with Elder Perkins. We worked hard and just had a lot of fun together.
This week was really one of the best weeks of my mission because of how much I learned and how much I felt the spirit and of course seeing Henry baptized. I love every minute of my mission and I am happy that I can share it with you, as chaotic as it may be, through these emails.
I love you all and hope all is well.
Hugs and loves,
Elder Gallacher
06-15 Leadership Training Hamburg
Hamburg Leadership Meeting 6-15-15
Elder Gallacher

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