Week 63: Trust in God

 I am glad you had such a good week and I hope that you get
to work as temple workers! I really like what you said about fasting.
This week I had a really good experience with taking the sacrament and
my fast. I really felt the forgiveness of the Savior and it it was
just so great to see the blessings of peace from heaven.

Ok once again time is short so here we go:

This week we met with H. a lot to prepare him for his baptism and
he is doing so well. Whenever he learns something new he will say, ‘I
love this, I just love it!’ It’s so cool! He will be baptized this week
as well as K. We are so excited for both of them. We had a big
zone conference in Hamburg and it was so cool to go back to my old
city. Hamburg is so sweet, but the meeting was even sweeter. We learned
so much about the atonement and I felt the spirit so strongly.

It was sad because it was a big goodbye to President Kosak and at the end we
planned a surprise for him. We sang ‘God be with you til we meet
again’… It started out with me playing guitar and two sisters singing
and then 3 elders came in. Then all the rest of the missionaries
slowly joined in and it was so powerful. I could barley sing once
again because I was crying so much, but it was a really special moment.

We also found a guy named L. from Mali and he is awesome. He is
Muslim but wants to be Christian and he came to church and loved it.
There is a huge language barrier because he speaks so little English
but the Lord has blessed us so much because when we go to teach him
people will just show up who translate and then also become new

This whole week has been full of learning how to trust in God. One
scripture that I love is Doctrine and Covenants 19:23. It really show me that when you
follow Christ and walk in his path we will have peace in Him. When we
make the choice to do this I believe that Satan will try harder to
shake our faith but I know that when our faith is centered on Jesus
Christ we will find his peace and His strength, and we will not fall.

I love all of you so much and I am ‘here’ if you need anything 🙂

Give ’em heaven,

Elder Gallacher


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