Week 62: Proverbs 3:5-6


Well this week was insane. On Monday we went slack lining and had a blast! On Tuesday we had transfer day and we were at central station all day because we have to help all the missionaries coming through. At around 3 o’clock my new companion Elder Winter came in and we are doing great! We have a ton of fun together and we work hard. We got a text from the APs and they said that all the zone leaders and sister training leaders needed to come to Berlin to pick up iPads for all the missionaries! We had to bring a car so on Wednesday we were getting ready to go and we got a text from one of the missionaries in our zone and he told us that he and his companion had gotten into a fist fight (and that his comp had run away) so we had to rush to go pick up a car from one area and then we drove to the area with the the Elders and we went on a search for the missing Elder for about 2 hours! We were just running around this little city like crazy people looking for this Elder and we ended up having to drive back to Hannover and pick up the sister training leaders before we found him, but he was found about 2 hours after we left and he is doing OK. Just some elders getting distracted and letting things get out of hand. Anyway, we went to Berlin and stayed the night in Tiergarten with some other Elders and then we had a 6 hour meeting with President Kosak, and then we got all the iPad’s packed up and we headed on our way. There was a ton of traffic so we got back to Hannover at like 8 and we dropped the Sisters off and then we had to drive to Nienburg to drop the car off–when we finally got back to Hannover it was 12:30 am! and then we had to plan a 3 hour meeting for the next morning so we were up till about 3 am and then we got up again at 6 and planned some more. Then we had a meeting with all the district leaders and then we had our zone training meeting where we gave all the iPad’s out and had a really cool lesson about prayer. It was cool because even though we had like no time to plan and everything was stressful we just trusted the Lord and everything came together really well and it was a super spiritual meeting.

On Saturday we had stake conference and we had a missionary choir and we practiced pretty much all day but it was really good and I bawled at the end when we sang, ‘I’ll go where you want me to go’. Haha I am a cryer and I can’t help it.

So all in all this week was incredibly busy, but we still were able to find a cool guy named A. Ibrahim and meet with K. and R and they are still doing well!

This week was for sure the most stressful week of my mission but I really did learn to rely on the Lord in all that I do. Just like it says in PROVERBS 3:5-6 :
‘mit ganzem Herzen vertrau auf den Herrn. Bau nicht auf eigene Klugheit.
Such ihn zu erkennen auf all deinen wegen. Dann ebnet er selbst deine

‘Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct they paths.’

I love being here and I know that Christ lives!

I love you all.

Give ’em heaven.

-Elder Gallacher

Our busy day picking up Ipads!

Our busy day picking up Ipads!

unnamed (1)

Ipad time! The work is progressing!

Ipad time! The work is progressing!


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