Week 60: The atonement


This week was great! We had some awesome lessons with our friends and we had a great ZTM. We did have some trouble finding, but it we were still able to see some pretty cool stuff!

For example, at one point Elder Hein and I were planning for ZTM and we were both quite stressed and we were sick of sitting down trying to plan so we looked out our window and we saw some people trying to move so we went down and by the time that we got there the van was closed and there was no one in sight so we thought we had missed our chance. walking back in defeat, we were about to get into the lift and we saw them and we asked if we could help and they gladly accepted the offer! We were able to help and talk a little about what we do as missionaries and we asked a man named M. for his number but he didn’t have his phone so he couldn’t give it to us. But he said he hoped to see us again in the future. Well two days ago, in a totally random part of town, we saw him in the Bahn and he was stoked to see us and we got his number and talked about meeting next week! It was really cool to see the Lord crossing our paths again.

Planning Zone Training meeting was so stressful because we just didn’t have the time to sit down and do it, but in the end it came together really nicely and it was a really good meeting consisting of burying our weapons of rebellion (literally) and throwing eggs at Elder Hein! By the end I was crying like a little girl because the spirit of love was just so strong. 😉 hahah The meeting had an overall focus on the atonement of Jesus Christ and it was powerful. The AP’s were also there and it was good to see my good friend Elder Wipf again!

Our friends K, H., and R. are all doing well and progressing well to their baptisms in June! It’s awesome to see their testimonies growing. BB is also doing really well and he is excited about all the things that we teach him. When he heard about the Word of Wisdom he was so thankful for the knowledge and happily accepted to live it! K. was not baptized this week because she just had a baby and she can’t go in the water yet, but she will be baptized in June!

This week I learned about trusting and acting on that trust. Really using the atonement to act for good. In ZTM we focused a lot on the atonement and it was just awesome to strengthen my testimony of that power. I know that it is through the atonement that we are able to repent and that really does mean change. I know the difference of using the atonement and not using it and I am so thankful for the ability that I have to become better and to help other people!

I look forward to everyday and I love the hope that I have.

I love you all and wish you a wonderful week!

Give ’em heaven!

Elder Gallacher


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