Week 59: On this Mother’s Day


Well another week has come and gone and it was weirdly busy. However, we didn’t get a whole lot done… but hey, sometimes you have those weeks and you just gotta get back up on the horse and keep riding!

We were able to meet with K. and she is doing great. She is so prepared and her testimony is so strong. At the end of our lesson she willingly gave us a review of the lesson and went through each point, named all the scriptures we used, and told us their meaning and then gave a testimony on them! It was like she was teaching us! We also found a man named Ke. and he is an interesting guy, but he really needs help and he wants to know more about the gospel.

I was also in Brauschweig this week working with a District leader and Elder Peterson, and I had a good time and we worked hard! We are really blessed to have a lot of really solid elders and sisters in this zone. All the District leaders are really solid. It makes things run smoothly.
This week I want to really take some time and give thanks to my wonderful Mother! It was so great to be able to skype with you and to see that you are doing well. It was of course awesome to see you Dad and the family also! I can’t say enough how great you are Mom. You really did teach me how to be a good young man and how to have faith. This week I read a lot about the strippling warriors and I can really relate to them because they had learned from their Mothers. Because of what they learned, and the faith they had from their mothers, they were able to achieve amazing things! I know it wasn’t always easy for you trying to raise me. And that is why I am so thankful that you never lost faith in me. You always showed love and kindness with the perfect amount of sternness to make sure I got the point through thick skull. I can really say that it is because of your amazing love and example that I came on a mission and why I stayed. The faith that I have gotten from you has turned into something that is my own. That faith is that I know that God lives and the Jesus Christ is the Savior. I am so thankful that you taught me this truth as a boy and that you were with me as I came to know that for myself. I will always be grateful for that- and for you. 🙂

This week I was really working on having an attitude of faith and hope. I can see that when I have the right attitude it just goes so much better and I learned why. If you read in Alma 58 Helaman and his men are in a rough situation and they are pretty much feeling down in the dumps, but then in verse ten we see that they pray for strength and then in verse 11 they are filled with assurance and hope and that changes everything for them. Because of that they go on to take the city Manti and it’s all because their perspective changed. And then what is also important is in verse 40 at the end it says that their faith was on that which is to come which is Christ and that is really the point. When I center my faith on Christ, and trust in God, I will feel this hope and faith build in me, and then my attitude changes. That’s also what our friends of the church need to learn as well that this Hope from God will change our lives. The power of the atonement will help you through all parts of your life and give strength.

These men are the Stripling warriors and they learned from their mothers! I am thankful to mothers everywhere and for everthing they do.
I love you all and I love you mom! Have a great week and know that God lives.
Give ’em heaven,
Elder Gallacher

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