Week 58: Fortify yourself and trust in God

Guten Tag,
Well this week went by really fast but it was a good one! We met with BB and he is doing really well. He loves to learn the gospel and when he learns something new we answer a question with a scripture he just lights up and get so excited! It’s awesome! We were able to meet with him actually 3 times this week so it was really good! We also met with P. and K.

P. is a member but his wife is not and we went over to teach them and we found out that she has a super strong testimony of the Book of Mormon and she just went on and on about how great the church is! Anyway, we taught them the second lesson and invited her to be baptized on the 17th of May and she accepted! They also invited a friend named R. to learn more and she is super excited too! I was on exchange in Celle and I had a good time with Elder Perkins. He is a good Elder and he is excited about the work! We had a lot of fun together and had some fun with the members too! All the people we are teaching right now are doing really well right now and we see some big things happening!

As for a quick funny story. When I was in Celle we were riding bikes and (side note, the chains popped off about every two minutes so that was already funny!)  as we were going back to the flat we found this weird disc thing that spins around and you can get on and ride it. So naturally Elder Perkins and I tried to run on it and the result: two amazing videos of us Falling hard! It was honestly one of the funniest things I have seen on my mission and we were just dying of laughter! haha good times!

This week for me personally I learned about fortifying myself and then trusting in God as I go and do without fear. Like Moroni with his strongholds. I can see that I need to learn more and prepare more but I also have the faith that I don’t need to be scared about anything that I can fully trust in God and do His work with joyfulness and assurence. I can feel this trust working as I talk to people in Bahns, or in any awkward situation. It is my firm believe that trust in God chases fear and builds faith. I kow that I dont need to be scared when I fight for Christ. I need to prepare but then go and do. and DO with faith!

Well that’s what I got this week! I love being here! It’s the best! ( nacho libre voice)

I love you all,

Give ’em heaven

Elder Gallacher

DSC08250 DSC08318


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