Week 55: Hanover


ok let me take you through the rundown!  On Monday for P-day before I left we went to this crazy spray paint place and it was like the coolest place in the world. Then we went and said bye to the Romanian family and then Tuesday I went out to Hannover! Man, Hanover is awesome! The city is so beautiful and there are tons of awesome people! Lots of Africans too so I feel right at home. We had some good finding and found some cool people. We also have a guy named Joseph scheduled to be baptized next Sunday! He’s way cool too! The ward here is incredible. It’s huge and almost feels like I am in America again. It’s actually pretty weird to see so many people at church. Seriously like 150 people, it’s nuts!

My comps name is Elder Hein and he is a cool guy! We live with two other Elders and they are way cool. The zone is huge and we have a ton of work to do but it’s a ton of fun.
This week has really been kind of a blur, but the best part for sure was General Conference. Hearing from the Prophet and apostles is so special to me and I am so grateful for their testimonies. I really do know that Christ lives. The spirit has touched my heart and told me over and over again that He does. And that is something that we get to experience every single day! every day, every day, every day!
I am sorry that this email is so short but duty calls! Next week I will have more to tell!!
I love you all!
Hugs and loves,
Elder Gallacher
Us in Hanover!

Us in Hanover!


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