Week 54: Happy Easter from Hanover!

Hello wonderful people!

Well this week we are doing emails on Saturday because Monday is a big holiday. Anyway, this week was pretty good!
Sadly on Tuesday F. and W. got the flu so we couldn’t meet, but we still have contact so that is good! On Monday I got a call from the zone leaders and they wanted me to teach at zone training meeting on Wednesday and I had like no time to plan it on Tuesday or Monday so I ended up having to get up at 4:30am on Wednesday morning to plan a 50 minute theme! That was rough, but actually pretty normal for me haha! Anyway, we went to Leipzig on Wednesday and we had a really good zone training meeting and my theme was ‘smooth sailing’! After, we got trained as district leaders and then we still had about 3 hours till our train left so a member who really likes missionaries said he would take us around to see the sites! That was way cool because this member is a well of knowledge and he just knew everything and it like having a personal tour guide! We got to see a lot of cool things!
On Thursday I was on exchange with Elder Botdcher, who is being trained right now, and we had a great time. We went by the Romanian family and they weren’t home so then we went to the next door to see if another guy was home and we got in the building and talked to a Greek family, but they weren’t interested. They told us to go to the next door and look for S. so we did and one thing led to another and we talked to the friend of S. who is like 14 and we asked if we could bring a Book of Mormon in Romanian by, and he was like just come up to the house right now. So we  go in and it’s this huge Romanian family with 12 kids and we taucht them right on the spot and they really want to learn more! It’s crazy because this one building has about 70 Romanians in it so our plan is to open up a Romanian branch! How sweet would that be!?
Later that day our appointment with U. sadly fell through, but she was super sad about it and is still really interested so that’s good!
Ok so now on to Friday… here comes the big news. We were at a members house and we were eating some food and having some fun and talked a little bit about who might leave at transfers tomorrow, and we all had our bets on Elder Oldroyd, but then as we were all standing at the door I get a call from President Kosak and he casually tells me that I am going to Hanover to be a Zone Leader…. oh man did my heart sink. The look on my face must have been pretty funny, but yeah that’s the news. I’m leaving Magdeburg. I’m sad to leave because we have met some amazing people here and things are really picking up, but I can’t wait to serve in Hannover. Especially because Grandpa served there like 80 years ago! I cant wait to learn how to serve in a new way and see what is in store for me in Hannover.
This week we have Easter and General Conference and I just want  to leave with my testimony that I know that Christ lives. I know that He suffered and died for all of humanity. But we should not stop our faith there. Christ rose from the dead and loosed the bands of death so that we may all be resurrected. As He was on the earth He healed and taught and was a perfect example and my testimony is that He STILL heals, STILL teaches, and is STILL a perfect example today! I am so grateful that He lives that He has restored his church and that we have the opportunity to hear from the prophets and apostles this weekend! I know that all who search will find Him because His hand is always stretched forth. May we all search for and come closer to our Lord and Savior this Easter season.
I love you all so much and pray for you continually.
Elder Gallacher


"You open the book and the book opens you"  ... This could have been a sign made for the Book of Mormon! :)

“You open the book and the book opens you” … This could have been a sign made for the Book of Mormon! 🙂

Bach's monument!

Bach’s monument!


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