Week 53: Because He Lives


How are you all doing? I hope you are all doing awesome and have had an awesome week!
This week for me was really, really, busy. We had district meeting, two exchanges, and some good appointments.
The exchanges were both good and it is always a nice time to get to know the elders in your district. When I was in Köthen we did a lot of really good work and saw some pretty cool stuff! On the other one we were here and we ended up helping someone move and it was like the most stressful thing ever because they had a very small amount of time with the moving truck so we were running up and town the 5 flights of stairs trying to get done in time.
This week we met with U. and it went to so well! She is very new to her faith because she has been Atheist her whole life but now that she believes in Christ, and God! She is so strong! It’s so cool to see. We taught about the Book of Mormon and the restoration of the gospel, and she accepted to be baptized and now we just have to set a date and teach her all that she needs to know! She is a really cool lady and I feel so blessed that we could meet her!
On Sunday it was really rainy and cold, and we had a lot of finding and it was really rough because no one had any interest in talking to us, but we worked hard! We decided to get the tram home a half hour later because we really wanted to meet our goals for the week so we did and had no luck and as we walked back to the tram there were two guys about 5 feet in front of us and they were going to go straight and we were going to go left and the spirit told me that I should stop them, so right then I called out to them and we ended up having an awesome experience with them. They are both from Jordan and both Atheist. One is muslim and the other had studied in Jerusalem to become a Priest but both had lost there belief in God. After we talked for a while they told us that they had their answers and weren’t interested, but I really felt like we need to push and be more bold so I told them that they owed it to God to try one more time and bore some testimony that He is there and He sent us to help them find Him. The Spirit was really strong and they both softened their hearts and said they wanted to meet on Tuesday! Cool, cool stuff!
Well this week the video ‘Because He Lives’ came out and first of all I would encourage you all to watch it because it is really good and you should share it with all your friends!
Christ really does live and He is there for us every step of the way. It is our job to simply trust him and accept the wonderful gift that He has given us!
Sending my love from Magdeburg,
Elder Gallacher

DSC07960 DSC07974


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