Week 52: 1 year Mark


Another week has gone by and this week was both hard and awesome… I guess it was pretty much how every week on the mission is. haha

Anyways, on Monday we had an awesome appointment with M. and R. and G. and we taught them how to have FHE and we had a great time! On Tuesday we had amazing weather so we decided to do some finding along the Elbe (big river that goes across Germany) and we talked to this woman named U. and she was so awesome. We talked a lot about faith and then we taught her about the Book of Mormon and she was really excited to hear about it. We gave her a copy and set up an appointment for this week! We also had German and English class and that is always just a blast! We usually have a woman from Greece named G. and a man named K. from Syria there and they are both crackups! It was also St. Patricks day and as we did some street contacting we talked to two people from Ireland! On Wednesday we had district meeting and the zone leaders were there, and after we had an exchange and we had a good time. We went by the Romanian family and when we got there we got bombarded with like 20 Romanians asking why we were there and they were all kind of getting uptight, but then I just used my Romanian skills and said ”Pacea domnului Isus” and they all chilled and took us back to where M. and S. were and we got to talk with them for a little. The rest of the week consisted of lots of appointments falling out and hard times while finding but we still had a good time.

On Friday we had the most awesome branch activity. It was a culture night and we had 30 people there and half of them were non-members! We heard little bits from the different cultures and then everyone brought something to eat that was traditional in their culture! I brought Fruit salad because I had no idea what else to bring but it was a hit! The best part of the night was that K. came and he brought his family who had just barely gotten here from Syria and he has 2 boys about 11 and 13 and a little girl named S. and she is 7. Anyways S. sat next to me and we had fun drawing on my planner and playing connect the dots and she even taught me a little Arabic! She didn’t speak any English but her Dad would translate for her and at one point she came over and was just smiling and she whispered something to her Dad and then went to go play somewhere else and K. told me that she told him that she finally didn’t feel scared and was happy…. He then told me that everyday in Syria they were hiding and would hear bombs and guns every day and now they are finally safe. It was so incredible to see how happy the family was. It was a really tender moment to see and I will never forget it.

Well the last thing I will say is this: this week I will hit my year mark and the time has flown by!  I have learned a ton and changed a lot. I was thinking to myself how I would work and what I would do if today was the last day of my mission and then I told myself this is how I will work till the end. I have given a lot but I have much much more to give. I still have lots of time here in Germany and I will live every day for the Gospel of Christ. I’m goin’ till I drop. I know that my efforts are human and weak but I have Christ on my side and we are moving forward with the power of God.

I know that Christ lives.

Hugs and Loves

Elder Gallacher


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