Week 50: Exchanges all week

Well another week has gone by and it was busy!

I had an exchange with the elders here in Magdeburg and it was a lot of fun, but because of tram times it ended up being two nights so that was pretty nuts. I had a really good time with elder Gibbs. He is a downhill longboarder and we have a ton in common and we had a really good time and were able to get a lot of work done. I also went to Köthen and worked with an Elder named Glissmeyer and he is a cool guy. He’s from Sandy, Utah and he’s way nice. We got a lot of work done and it was fun to see a new part of Germany. Oh btw if you look up his name you can find a story about how he fell off a 60 foot cliff onto rocks and he lived and it was a total miracle! Really cool story. I almost passed out when he told it to me.
Anyway, some highlights/updates would be that I have had to relearn the piano because no members can play so I got permission to practice for like an hour each day and I practiced for a week and was able to play for church on Sunday! It was way cool to feel the Lord helping me learn. I also was able to give a talk on prayer and I really enjoyed it.
We also had a meeting in Leipzig and it was good to be around and learn from a lot of other missionaries.
This week I was gone so much.  I was gone on exchange for every single one of our appointments so I can’t give too much of an update, but things are going well. I’m loving it here and I’m having a blast.
I love you all and will talk to you next week!
Elder Gallacher

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