Week 49: Charity and Love

Hello 🙂

Well I am here in Magdeburg and it is different… haha my companion is just going into his 3rd transfer so he is young but he’s a good guy and we get along well. The city has two sets of elders and a senior couple but they just left which is sad. The branch is really small. The 4 of us missionaries make up about a 1/4 of those that attend. But the members are strong. I’m the oldest one here mission time wise and it’s a little weird but it’s good. The city of Magdeburg is known for being ghetto and the area that we live in is the most ghetto part. It’s still pretty destroyed from WW2 but nice. The people here are pretty much all Atheist and a lot of them don’t like us, but I love them! We have two investigators with a baptismal date and they are so cool! M. is 21 and he is dating G. who is a member and she has a son named R. and M. and R. will be baptized as soon has G. can get a divorce from her husband who is in South America. He has a really cool story and I will fill in the gaps as we go along but for you know that they are awesome.
The finding here isn’t too bad and we were able to find two people this week and we did some soccer finding and played with some crazy German kids and they totally killed us, but it was fun. They kept giving me mad props because I was faster than all of them so we got pretty tight and we are going to play again next week!
I really am enjoying my time and and I will fill you all in more next week but for now I will leave you with something that I learned this week in my studies.
This week I was reading about charity and love. I was reading the story in John 21 where Christ asks Peter, ”Lovest thou me?” and it says that the 3rd time Jesus asks Peter, he becomes sad.  I asked myself why he was sad and I thought that Peter probably knew that he had probably told Jesus time and time again that he loved him, but the problem was Peter wasn’t showing it. Peter knew that he hadn’t acted and that is why he was sad. Like Elder Holland says in his talk Christ might have said, ”why are you here on this same beach doing the same thing? I need someone who will really love me and feed my sheep and defend me”
As I thought about how this applies to me I felt that I should pray and apply the same question to myself that Christ asked Peter. I had a really cool experience where I could really feel the Lord talking to me and answering my prayers. I felt that He was saying to me, Lovest thou me, Brigham? and I would answer yea Lord thou knowest that I love thee’. And then I would get an answer. Where Peter got ”feed my lambs” I simply got ”focus”. Where Peter got ”feed my sheep” I was answered that I need to give more of myself to Him and the people. I went through this process over and over and I learned a lot about myself. It was a humbling experience but I am very grateful for it and I really do know that the Lord answers prayers. I love this gospel and I love being a missionary!!
Well thats all ‘volks’ 🙂
hugs and loves,
Elder Gallacher

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