Week 48: Transfers to Magdeburg

So this week was the end of a transfer and it was real good.

First order of business- I will no longer be serving in Hamburg… I got transferred to be the district leader in a place called Magdeburg! I’m going back to the east, yeah!!!!!! I am really sad to be leaving but I am also really excited to serve in a new place. My trainer was there and said that it’s pretty crazy there, but he loved it!

Some highlights from the week would be teaching P and H. We watched the restoration film and they really liked it, and we went back through the Joseph Smith story and they all said that they know it’s true. We were also able to set a baptismal date with the daughter of P! Later we found out that H and K live in the Altona area so we won’t be teaching them anymore. But they will still meet with missionaries in that area! We also got to celebrate Chinese new year with a less active and they made us some way good food and we had a grand time. I even learned a little Chinese! We also met with H. and her kids and talked about church attendance and she really wants to come, but with kids and work it is literally impossible for her to come. It’s hard because she has so much faith and she is working so hard to do what’s right but she just can’t catch a break. We talked a lot about faith and how the Lord is there and we had a really good uplifting lesson. On Sunday it was good to see everyone and say goodbye. I will really miss all the people here. I’ve grown to really love all of them and I’ve had the best time here.

I must say sorry for the lame nature of this letter but time is short because this is my last day in Hamburg and we have to get out and do some stuff! I love you all and hope all is well. Let me know if you need anything!

Elder Gallacher


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