Week 47: Don’t look beyond the Mark


Well this week was one for the books!!
On Tuesday we had a way cool experience. We decided to go to probably the most ghetto place in Hamburg called Veddel, and do some finding and it was not going too well at all, but then right when we were going to go home we ran into Eric B. the man that was just baptized! He was super excited to see us and wanted us to come back to his house and meet the people he lived with. So, we went over and met a woman name P. K, and she has 5 adorable little kids and her nephew H. was also there and they asked us to teach them the word of God. So we pulled out some Book of Mormons and opened to 3 Nephi:11 and read about Christ coming to the Nephites teaching His gospel. The spirit was super strong but it was kind of hard because they had a hard time understanding us, but then Eric came in and bore his testimony in Twi and explained some stuff. They were just like ‘yes, we know that the Book of Mormon is from God’! So from there we talked some more and we set another appointment for Thursday and this time a new guy named K. was there and we taught a lesson on the restoration and the Spirit was very strong, and all three of them accepted the invitation to be baptized on the 8th of March!! We were both super shocked because out of nowhere we found this super prepared group of people and they are just so ready to accept the gospel! It was an incredible blessing from the Lord, that’s for sure!!
We also met with Herr S. and it went well. We taught him about Christ and the Book of Mormon and he like all of it. He is definitely going to take some time, but he’s on the way for sure!
On Valentine’s day I was in Langenhorn on an exchange and we saw a bunch of baby goats. There was one named Kaiser…. Let me tell you he was a cute baby goat!
This week one of the main things that I learned was that we shouldn’t look beyond the mark- like it says in Jacob 4:14. As I read the scriptures this week I really saw some of the pure beauty of the words of Christ and it was as if every time I read something the Spirit just came in so strong and told me that it was true. Of course we are invited to dig deeper and really study out the scriptures, but it was really nice to take a step back and see the simplicity and eloquence of the Lord and have the spirit bear witness that it is true!
I love you all!
hugs and loves –
Elder Gallacher

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