Week 46: The Helping Hand of the Savior


So this week was honestly one of those ones where a lot happened but not a lot happened. So I’ll just give you a quick rundown of the highlights:

We found a way cool guy named A. from Africa and we are meeting with him this week! That was rad.

Then we also found a cool family from South America and gave them El Libro de Mormon and they were excited and we hope to meet with them this week!

We had an awesome lesson with Herr S.! when we first started meeting he didn’t even belive in God and in this lesson he was bearing testimony about how God knows best and how He will always guide us the right way. He also said a way awesome prayer, and it was just really cool to see this man develop a belief in God right in front of our eyes!

This week the cops were called on us twice and the first time the cops were pretty nice, but the second time they were way mean and it was lame, but I learned a spiritual lesson from them so I was very thankful for the experience.

I had interviews with President this week and it was great to have some time to talk with him and we also had zone training meeting and it was really good!

On Saturday night we had dinner with a member family from Ecuador named the A. and they are so great! They have 4 kids and only two of them speak German and they can’t speak to well and even though there is a huge language barrier we have the best time! I really want to learn Spanish as well just so I can talk with them. haha Man they are just the greatest family! I love em.

This week we had a hard time meeting with people and that was lame, but it was a good week!

On one of the days I saw a little girl walking on a high ledge holding onto her mom’s hand. (like I used to do with Grandma) except the ledge was a lot higher, but it got lower and lower as they went on. Anyway this little girl would take a few steps and eventually she would slip and as soon as she slipped her mom would hold on tight and make sure that should wouldn’t get hurt. Every time the little girl got back up, however, it took a little time for the girl to get the courage to walk again. Throughout the whole process the loving mother would give words of encouragement and sometimes even hold on a little tighter to reassure the girl that she was there. I watched this take place about three times before our bus came and as I sat in the bus I thought to myself about how we are all like this little girl, trying to walk on the straight an narrow and sometimes falling but knowing that no matter what, Christ will be there for us and sometimes it is hard for us to get the courage to continue going after we stumble but has we pray and read the words of Christ in the wonderful Holy Scriptures we receive strength and courage and even encouragement from our loving Father and Savior.

I know that Christ is with us and that He lives. I am so thankful for Him! Let’s continue onward knowing that we have the steady hand of a helping friend, our Savior Jesus Christ, to lead and guide us and pick us up when we fall.

I love you all 🙂

hugs and loves,

Elder Gallacher


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