Week 45: God’s hand will be outstretched

Well this week was not the greatest of all time but it was another week of learning and serving the Lord so how could it be that bad!?
One cool thing that happened was back when Elder Hellander was here, a woman from Peru moved to the ward and her husband is not a member. At first we thought he was interested, but then we were never able to meet with him. One day as Elder Clemens and I were doing weekly planning we thought about this family (the Stedings) and how we could help them and we thought that we should visit and teach the wife and maybe it would spark his interest so we went for the first time two weeks ago and taught them about Christ using 3 Nephi 11, and he really enjoyed it and we found out that they have been praying together every night. After the lesson they invited us back for the next week and we taught them about faith as we read through Ether 12. It was so cool to see how the spirit had been working with Herr Steding, because he was so open to learning and he said things like ”yes right now I don’t really believe in God but my belief can change.” It just seemed like when we met and talked with one another the Spirit opened the hearts of this family and we were able to discuss and testify of so many truths. It was a real blessing that the Lord helped us know how we could help Herr Steding become interested. It was great to see that as we followed through things just fell into place. This week he will be praying about God and we will be meeting with them on Thursday.
Another cool thing was one day we were walking and we felt like we should visit an old investigator so we did, and although she wasn’t home, as we turned away from the door we saw a different old investigator named D. who we haven’t had contact with in over a transfer! Anyway, we ran over to him and he was really happy to see us. He told us that he had gone into the hospital and they found a cancerous tumor and he was in there for over a month and now he has chemo but he still really wants to meet with us so we got his address and we will be going by this Saturday. D. is a really cool humble man and I am so thankful that the Lord led us back together and that we were ready to be led.
We had a lesson with H. and her kids and she kept her commitment and read and prayed about the Book of Mormon and she said she knows 100% that it is true! We invited her to baptism and she said she needs to pray about it and we invited her to do so. We will meet again on Saturday. The real challenge with her is that she works every single Sunday so we have to find some way to help her come to church. This week I brought her kids some chocolate and Seerwa who is 8 looked really sad and I asked what was wrong, and she said last week she wanted to me to bring a lollipop… haha I told her I didn’t remember that but I would next week and then she went and got a piece of paper and wrote it down so I wouldn’t forget. She also took the liberty of writing about 20 other items that she wanted including 4 kids meals, hello kitty stuff, and a bike… haha she is the funniest.
Lastly, we were able to find one new investigator named F. He is a young guy from Ghana and he was going to come to church and meet with us afterwards, but he didn’t show so if we can’t get a hold of him this week we will have to drop him.. so please pray that we will be able to contact him!
One of the things that I have seen on my mission is how much I have changed. Changing myself into the person that Christ wants me to be has been and will continue to be a long process but I feel so much excitement as I look back and see how far I’ve already come! This week as I read in 2nd Nephi 19 I read about how so many bad things will happen to Israel and it says that the Lords anger will not be turned away but His hand will be outstretched still and at first I thought that meant that His ”hand of anger”, so to speak, would be outstretched but then as I cross referenced with Jacob. I learned that it means that His ”hand of mercy” would always be outstretched and if Israel will just come to Him, He will be there and He will lift them up. I applied it to myself as I thought about how often I do dumb stuff, and how the Lord is probably pretty annoyed and tired of my stupidity but nevertheless His hand is there waiting for me to change and come to Him. I also thought this was cool because it was the first time I really learned something from Isaiah so that was pretty rad! The scriptures are great, aren’t they!?
Well that’s about all I have for this week! I hope all is well with you, let me know if I can do anything for you and know that I love you!
hugs and loves,
Elder Gallacher

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