Week 42: Understanding Faith

Well the transfer just ended and I’m staying in Hamburg with Elder Clemens! The only difference is that I am now the district leader so I guess we’ll see how this goes.  But, I’m really excited to have this chance to learn and serve more. Should be really fun.
This week was really great! The first two days were pretty normal. We had a lot of finding and we had some good conversations, but no one was too interested. Then on Wednesday we had a huge zone conference with Elder Kopischke of the Seventy. He was the Mission President of the Berlin Mission about 10 years ago and he was really great to learn from.
Elder Kopischke taught a lot about faith and action. And how we have to act in faith and not just sit back and hope that God will do something. He told a story about how when he was young he would have to clean the dirty dishes, and how he would go into his room and pray and use his faith so that the dishes would get cleaned without him doing anything. Every time he ended up having to get up and do the dishes himself. This story reminded me of when I was young I would stand at the edge of a big rock in my yard and I would muster all the faith that I had and I would jump off and hope that the wind would somehow catch me and that I would soar through the air. Every time I jumped I was caught but it was never the air that caught me, it was always the ground. haha!
I learned from Elder Kopischke that this was not real faith. No matter how strongly I believed that God could catch me with the wind, it wouldn’t have worked because I had not done my part. Now, lets say I took some time, studied and created something to help me in my endeavor, then I could really exercise my faith. This is a silly example but it’s true. Faith is doing everything that is in our power and then knowing that, God willing, He will step in. Elder Kopischke summed it up nicely when he said, ”If someone told me to use my faith to move mt. Everest the first thing I would need is a shovel. Then I would get to work.”
I love this mindset. It’s just so simple, just go to work.
I think Nephi really understood this principle. When he breaks his bow in the wilderness his family starts to murmur and what does he do? Not only does he not join them in their distress, but he goes right to work making a new bow and arrows and finds food for his family. He didn’t just sit back and wait for the Lord to do something. He went and did it!
During the meeting with Elder Kopischke I had a strong impression to go visit a contact at one o’clock on Saturday and ask if we could pray with them, so we did and although they didn’t have time to pray with us we were able to teach them about families and set up an appointment for Wednesday! That night one of our lessons fell through and we had planned to go visit a young Greek contact, but as we were about to leave I thought we better bring a Greek Book of Mormon. So we went on our way and it turns out that we met the guy’s father who lives there, and he said that his son doesn’t live there anymore so then we just said, ‘Hey we have this really special book and its in Greek, will you read it and ask God if it is true?”. He was so stoked that we had it right there and he told us that he would read and pray and that we should come back on Saturday! It was super cool!
This week has really been full or learning. It has been great.
Well I love you all so much! Hope everything is going well. Have a great week!
hugs and loves,
Elder Gallacher
Me and a Sister

Me and a Sister

Old companions

Old companions

Me and my Mission President with another Elder

Me and my Mission President with another Elder


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