Week 41: Faith is the first step

Hey Hey Hey!
This week was pretty good. We saw some fruits of our past labors, but we also had trouble making contact with a lot of our investigators. On Tuesday we had three lessons and all of them fell through. Our one investigator T. didn’t show, and then R. (the girl we found during Christmas) called and said she and her boyfriend talked to their Pastor and he told them not to meet with us. We were both really bummed out about that but we bore testimony to them about finding out what they should do for themselves, and ask God so we will see what they do. I think we might text them a scripture every once in a while to see how they’re doing. Our other investigator A. didn’t show either and we cant get a hold of her. It’s been hard to keep contact with our investigators… they just seem to fall off the face of the earth but we have been focusing a lot more on prayer and finding those who are truly prepared.
We were able get in contact with someone from the area book and she and her son became new Investigators. Her name is H. and her son’s name is P. and we are meeting with them on Saturday. We had a really good lesson with a man named S. as well. We talked to him first about a month ago on the bus and we got his number, but them we were never able to meet until this week. We met with him and a member who can speak Persian and it went really well. S. is really cool. He was a super hardcore Muslim but then when he moved to Germany his life was just so hard and he had no where to turn to but a Christian church, and he and his wife ended up getting baptized in the Baptist church. He really wants to learn about our church now. He is super humble and really kind.
This week was kinda weird… but in a good way. We really didn’t see a ton of success, but I really just felt like nothing could stop me. I just keep going and I know that everything will be ok. I know that I am working my hardest and that I am doing what I need to be doing.
We started a new Book of Mormon study as a mission about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I have been looking at the main themes of each chapter and one thing that I have seen is that almost every chapter someone gains faith. Lehi gains it in chapter one through prayer and so does Nephi in chapter 2. Zoram gains his because of the testimony of Nephi, and Sariah because of the testimony of Lehi, and seeing her sons come back alive. I know that there are so many ways to gain faith in Christ. And I love to see how my faith is strengthened.
Faith really is the first step. It starts everything. I make mistakes every day and sometimes I feel pretty lame but my faith in Christ keeps me going. Christ lives. I know it.
I love you all!
hugs and loves!
Elder Gallacher

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