week 39: Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Well the last two weeks have been pretty crazy. The week before Christmas was for sure the hardest week of my mission. In  one week over half of our investigators stopped meeting with us, and with one it was really hard because he was planning on getting baptized when he got back from a trip to Africa, and when we went to go stop by we came up to the apartment and he had packed his bags. He was leaving his family for good and then it got really intense and there was some abuse and domestic violence and we had to force him out of the home. The really sad thing was that we couldn’t stay to comfort the wife and kids because there wasn’t another man there so we just gave them hugs and asked the son Victor who is 9, to take care of his mom and two sisters and read Moroni 7 together. Right after that I called the bishop and he was able to go and help them. It was just really hard because I had really grown to love this family so much and then to see this tear them apart was really tough. Thankfully I have seen the mom and kids again and they are doing really well and things seem to be going better. By the end of the week I was really ready for Christmas because it is a special time where we can look back to the gift that was given to all of us from our Brother, Jesus Christ.
This Christmas week I have felt the love and comfort of the Savior so much. I am so grateful for him. It is because of Him that I have developed such a strong love for the people here and it is through him that I receive strength to press forward in faith.
I want you all to know that I know that Christ lives and that He is here for us, and wants us to be happy! No matter what we are going through, His arms of love are continually stretched out towards us and all we have to do is take a step toward Him and we will feel His warm embrace. I know that this is true. I have felt it and I live it every day.
Some of the fun parts of this week was being able to play Santa for a little girl in the ward (When we went to their house on German Christmas (24th) haha). She was so excited to see Santa and it was just such a blast. We also got to play settlers from catan and it was amazing! Another great part was being able to give good old Brother Stephens a gift! Even though I didn’t see him open it, he was just so excited to get it! Oh boy giving is just so great! The Christmas week was for sure different than at home but it was still wonderful.
I love being here so much and I love all of you! I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and you were all able to come closer to our Savior.
with hugs and loves,
Elder Gallacher

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