Week 37: God’s guidance

Whats Crackin’!!!

So where to begin….
Well the week was just great and it was full of cool things. Here’s the rundown:
Monday was just a busy day helping Elder Hellander get ready to go home and then Tuesday came and we went to the train station at about 7:30am and and Hellander left at about 8. The action started early when I followed him into the train because I had one of his bags and I got stuck in between a bunch of passengers and they blew the whistle and the doors all closed… at this point I’m running down the train car trying to get to the door and I kind of run into this 30 year old woman (no one was hurt). Meanwhile Elder Nielson (standing on the platform) is fighting back the door from closing and I leap out as the door hits my shoulder and almost knocks me on my back and then I look back and this woman just completely body checks Elder Nielson out of the doorway because she was trying to get out as well! It was quite the morning. The rest of the day we were just at the station helping missionaries coming and going and it was -4 and we all about died of cold because half the time we were just standing there, but it was fine.
On Wednesday I took a train to Berlin and then was able to go and take some of the new missionaries out for their first finding experiences and that was just a blast and then I was also able to see my good friend Sister Hendricks who had just got to Germany that day!
On Thursday we had a little training meeting for all the new trainers and then we found out who we would be training and my trainee is named Elder Clemens and he is awesome. He just finished high school and is from Kentucky and he is just ready to work. He is also really funny so that’s nice!
 On Friday we were able to have a really good planning session and get a really good week set up and then we had a lesson with Arnold and he says he wants to get baptized when he gets back from his trip to Africa. In the past he talked a big game but didn’t really follow through so we just have to really help him learn for himself how important the message really is. On Saturday we were able to find 3 new investigators. Their names are Foster, Torsten, and Davit and they are all really cool. We found Davit and Torsten talking about ‘He Is The Gift’ and we found Foster on the bus! Finding Davit was really cool because we had just asked someone what Christmas meant to them and and they said they were atheist and kept on walking and as we went on our way a man had just come out of the subway and we heard him say ”excuse me, I would like to tell you what Christmas means to me.” we were able to talk with him about Christ and the gift that He is for us and we set up another appt for this Saturday!
It’s been really fun to work with a new missionary. He just has a lot of excitement and he is ready to work! Today we got him his first Döner and he loved it!
This week was not the easiest. A lot of times I wasn’t sure what to do or what to say, but one scripture that gave me a lot of comfort is in the words of Mormon verse 7 it says,
 ”And I do this for a wise purpose; for thus it whispereth me, according to the workings of the Spirit of the Lord which is in me. And now, I do not know all things; but the Lord knoweth all things which are to come; wherefore, he worketh in me to do according to his will.”
I know that I do not know all things but I also know that the Lord does know all things and that He is with me when. I hope and pray and trust in His guidance and try to live accordingly.
I felt His guidance yesterday when we talked to this man for about an hour and all I can really say is that the conversation was 100% by the spirit. I really have no idea of half the things that I said but everything just flowed and we were able to teach this man so much about Christ and God’s plan. Sadly he was very bitter and didn’t open his heart but I know that the spirit was there helping me and Elder Clemens.
To everyone- as we come closer to Christmas remember the reason for Christmas. It is a very special time that we have to reflect and come closer to Christ. I know that he lives and i know that His gospel is true!
I love you all so much! have a great week!
Elder Gallacher
12-14 Elders Gallacher-Clemens

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