Week 35: Happy Thanksgiving

Happy early Thanksgiving!!!!

This week was just amazing!

The beginning was pretty same old same old. We got dropped by an investigator, we did hours and hours of finding and we didn’t find anyone but then Thursday came and it was amazing! We had district meeting and then we had a lesson with Abel an inactive member. Then we went back to the church so that we could do a little study, and we went an visited Rosemary. By the time we got back to the church we had about 1 hour to do some finding before we had a ward council meeting. So we had planned to go and do this route that I like to call ‘church ring’ because it starts at the church and we walk this big circle back to the church and it takes right around one hour so we went out the door and we usually ALWAYS go right but I had a feeling we should go left so we went left…and what do you know we found 3 new investigators in 1 hour! It was so crazy. There weren’t even that many people on the street but God put three very prepared souls there so that we could find them. It was yet another testimony builder that spiritual promptings are important. I have found they are often not huge promptings, they are usually just a small little feeling, but I know that they are from God and I know that as I follow them things happen the way they should!

The rest of the week was really good too! We found one other investigator and we helped out at a big service project for the church and it was a lot of fun!

Well, sorry for the somewhat short email this week. I love you all have an amazing Thanksgiving day.

P.s. I am thankful for all of you! (cheesy alert)

Elder Gallacher

Hamburg waters on a fall day

Hamburg waters on a fall day

I love my mission

I love my mission

me and the Piano guys!

me and the Piano guys!


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